Will erase farmers’ debt and provide young people stable jobs: Selja Kumari

As a contender for the Lok Sabha seat from the Congress, Kumari Selja said that change was in the air across the nation. She outlined the public promises made by the Congress, which included cutting the cost of cooking gas cylinders in half, giving young people stable employment, wiping out farmer debt, giving minimum support price (MSP) legal status, and giving one woman from every low-income family Rs one lakh a year.

On Monday, Selja made her way across the Ratia Assembly constituency’s villages, speaking at public events and pleading for support for the party. She cited the shifting political scene as the reason for the growing turnout at her rallies.

Selja said that people were starting to see through the BJP’s claims and criticized the party for its supposed dishonest tactics during the last ten years. Six out of ten candidates had previously run as candidates for the Congress, she said, providing proof that the BJP had lost its leadership. She promised that under the Congress administration, young people would have stable employment, farmers’ loans would be written off, minimum support payments (MSP) would be legally guaranteed, and crop loss compensation would be handed out within 30 days. Additionally, she pledged to help the young people reintegrate into society by rescuing them from drug addiction, providing apprentices with training worth Rs 1 lakh, and guaranteeing them a job after graduation.

Selja emphasized the importance of voting on May 25 and asked the public to think about their part in preserving democracy while highlighting her family links to the area. She said that on May 14, she will be visiting communities in the Ellenabad Assembly seat and urged the locals to support the Congress.

Manohar Lal Khattar, the BJP candidate from Karnal and former chief minister, will speak at a political gathering in Sirsa once again. Considering the fierce competition in Sirsa, the BJP is making every effort to win the poll. Current chief minister Nayab Singh Saini has made many trips to Sirsa, but previous chief minister Manohar Lal is actively supporting BJP Lok Sabha candidate Ashok Tanwar. Just last week, Khattar and Cabinet Minister Ranjit Singh Chautala encouraged voters to support Tanwar by taking part in the BJP’s “Vijay Sankalp rally” in Rania. It’s thought that the BJP is bracing itself for a fierce contest in Sirsa this time around against Congress candidate Kumari Selja. It may be harder for the BJP to win the seat from here than it was in the previous elections.

But as of yet, no prominent Congress figure has endorsed Kumari Selja. The only people that attended the public meetings on the same day as Kumari Selja’s nomination were Chaudhary Birender Singh, Kiran Chaudhary, and Randeep Surjewala.

With the backing of local Congress officials, Kumari Selja has been expanding her electoral campaign ever since. Bhupinder Singh Hooda is occupied in the Rohtak and Sonepat areas in the meanwhile.

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