Will punish Punjab LoP Pratap Singh Bajwa’s “real” assassins of Sidhu Moosewala

Opposition leader Pratap Singh Bajwa today pledged to put the true culprits behind bars when the Congress takes power, accusing the Centre and the Punjab Government of failing to deliver justice to the family in the murder of late Punjabi artist Sidhu Moosewala. Bajwa spoke during rallies in support of Congress candidate Jeet Mohinder Singh Sidhu on Tuesday that were held in Kot Shamir, Pathrala villages, and Bathinda city.

Bajwa further said that the three black laws were a part of the BJP’s plan to economically eradicate Punjabis. He went on to say that both Shiromani Akali Dal and the BJP are two sides of the same coin and are involved in this scheme.

In the meanwhile, Bajwa addressed the gathering and said, “Look at the government’s record over the last ten years; it has consistently supported anti-Punjab policies.” At this period, attempts were taken to repress minorities, and three black laws were introduced to economically eradicate the Punjabis after other groups. He continued by saying that over 700 farmers lost their lives fighting for the repeal of these dark laws on Delhi’s borders for a whole year. In a same vein, nothing had come of the pledges made during the Delhi movement. Partap Bajwa said that the Union Government murdered young farmer Shubkaran Singh by firing direct shots and prevented the farmers from traveling to Delhi.

“How can any Punjabi today forget that when these bills were being passed by the Modi government, Harsimrat Kaur Badal was the minister at that time and this family campaigned in favour of these bills for several months?” the opposition party leader said, blaming the Badal family equally on the issue of agriculture. However, Bajwa said, the farmers had to seem as if they were independent of the BJP when they set up camp in Badal village.

He blamed the Punjabi government for Sidhu Moosewala’s demise. According to Bajwa, the government acknowledged before the Supreme Court that Sidhu Moosewala’s death was caused by a decrease in security. “The government has tried to stop the matter by convicting the hired killers, but when the power comes to the hands of the Congress, we assure that justice will be done,” said the opposition leader, branding this as a massive conspiracy. We will lock up every accomplice, including the actual murderers, the Chief Minister, and everybody who posted information about the singer’s safety on social media.

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