With allograft, two severely burnt children at Bhubaneswar AIIMS are given a fresh lease of life

The AIIMS Bhubaneswar announced a tremendous breakthrough in allograft on two seriously burnt little children, which is a noteworthy download 2023 11 09t103928.233 11zon 1

An allograft, which is a tissue transplant from a donor who is the recipient’s species but not genetically similar, may revitalize a patient.

On June 9, as Shravani Mallick, six, of Kesura, Bhubaneswar, was playing on her building’s rooftop, she got into touch with a live electrical line. Her hands burned badly on each of them. Prior to being transferred to SCB Medical College and Hospital in Cuttack, she was taken to Capital Hospital.

Her family was disappointed, however, when the physicians said that even with the loss of her two hands, preserving her would be almost impossible. Her relatives brought her to the Burns Center at AIIMS, Bhubaneswar, after the last hope.

With a happy smile, Runulata Mallick, Sharavani’s mother, stated, “The doctors at Cuttack told us that it was difficult to save her.” She recovered after receiving care at AIIMS.

In a another instance, 7-year-old Puri Suryakant was burned all over his body except for his face after coming into touch with a live electrical line. The medical staff at the Puri district headquarters hospital was unable to guarantee a complete recovery. He was transported to AIIMS, Bhubaneswar, by his relatives.

With floods of appreciation and joy, Suryakant’s mother Pratima Swain remarked, “I had lost all hope for my son.” I sent Lord Jagannath to decide his destiny. He’s doing fine now. The physicians at AIIMS are divine.

The head nurse of the AIIMS Burns Center, Harapriya Bal, said that “burns are the most painful experience in life.” The two children used to pray for their burns to end. Prior to the procedure, they received complete emotional support to raise their spirits.

Skin allograft is the sole option available to individuals with severe burns in circumstances like these. But the AIIMS doesn’t have a skin bank. The two children’s chances of receiving treatment were dwindling. Luckily, a skin was transported from Mumbai at that time to treat a different patient at AIIMS. But the patient passed away. His skin was given by his family to the AIIMS Burns Center.

Shravani had her hands removed, but she healed successfully from the allograft. Although autografting is available to us, allografting was carried out here for the first time. It is an amazing accomplishment. Ashutosh Biswas, the executive director of AIIMS in Bhubaneswar, said, “We saved their lives.”

The first successful allograft was achieved at AIIMS Bhubaneswar, thanks to the committed efforts of a group of medical professionals. Dr. Sanjay Giri, the head of the plastic surgery department, Professor Ashutosh Biswas, the executive director of AIIMS, and Dr. Ranjit Sahu, an associate professor in the department, made up the team responsible for this success.

The scientists expressed optimism that an AIIMS skin bank will be established in Bhubaneswar after their experience with allograft. According to Dr. Ranjit Sahu, this would demonstrate to the public that skin donations may be used for allograft.


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