With unflinching confidence in the Lok Sabha elections, Modi claims that the BJP would do well in the South and the NDA will surpass 400 seats

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who remains resolutely optimistic that his NDA coalition will surpass 400 seats in the Lok Sabha when the results are announced on June 4, has declared that the BJP will become the only party in the south.

“We are using the same approach across the board. Ek baar modi sarkar phir ek. Aur chaar June 400 paar,” Modi said on Sunday night in an interview with PTI Videos.

According to Modi, the notion that the BJP is weak or nonexistent in the southern states has been propagated by his rivals.

Consider the elections of 2019. The BJP was the biggest party in the South even at that time. Once again, I repeat this: the BJP and its allies will acquire more (seats) to make up the biggest party in the south this time,” he continued.

“Compared to the last time, we will have an even greater lead as the only major party in southern India.

“We have already seen an increase in mindshare. In the whole area, we will see a significant increase in our seat and vote shares, according to Modi.

543 Lok Sabha seats, or 131 of them, are located in Southern India. The BJP has 29 members in the outgoing House, plus one Karnataka independent who is supported by the party.

Even in Bhubaneswar, Kolkata, and even Delhi, “we are witnessing a massive surge of support from the people…which is giving sleepless nights to people in sections of the media and politics,” Modi said.

Modi recalled how, in a presentation from a few years before, he had gone into considerable length about the development gap in Eastern India and said that the NDA administration was particularly attempting to empower this area.

Consequently, he said, the previous ten years have shown the area the impact that an NDA or BJP administration can make.

“The so-called ‘red corridor’ will become a ‘saffron corridor’ in these elections.”

According to the prime minister, every evaluation of the previous stages of the polls indicates that the NDA is in a “pole position” and that the Congress, together with the other members of the INDI coalition, is finding it difficult to gain traction in some states.

“We’re going to break records with the help of the people.” There will be an increase in seats from all around the nation, but especially from the east and south,” he said.

“The NDA is on track to secure 400 seats.”

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