Your Voice Doesn't Matter!

Your Voice Doesn't Matter!

New Delhi/Punjab/Bengaluru: whilst people across the country continued to require to the streets on Friday to protest against the Citizenship (Amendment) Act, Union Home Minister Amit Shah declared that the Centre won't budge an in. on its decision to implement the law despite the nationwide criticism. Protesters gathered at Eidgah-e-Jadeed in Bengaluru demanding withdrawal of CAA. They carried placards against the CAA and against the BJP and RSS. "We Indians standing against NRC and CAA. Withdraw Citizenship Amendment Act," read one among the placards.

Black flags flutter in Punjab
In Punjab, members of the Muslim community demonstrated against CAA along side students. At Malerkotla, protesters were led by former JNU student leader Umar Khalid. On a call given by Muslim leaders within the state, they protested peacefully after Friday prayers, police said. Black flags were put abreast of mosques in protest. The protesters carried placards terming CAA "anti-Muslim" and against the Constitution. They waved black flags and wore badges to point out their resentment. Punjab's Shahi Imam Habib-Ur-Rehman said such protests happened throughout the state.

Singh backs Kerala resolution
Amid protests, Punjab Chief Minister Capatain Amarinder Singh came call at support of the Kerala Assembly resolution that has demanded scrapping of the CAA. In an letter to Union Law Minister Shankar Prasad, Singh asserted that the states have already taken necessary legal advice on the matter and termed the Kerala Assembly's resolution on CAA the "voice of the people" as spoken through their elected representatives, and urged the Centre to attend to an equivalent . consistent with Singh, by insisting that only Parliament under Article 245 of the Constitution has the legislative power to pass laws regarding citizenship, and not the state governments, the Union law minister has entirely missed the purpose of the resolution gone by the Kerala Assembly.

'CAA fails Constitution test'
In a series of tweets, posted along side the letter , Singh said that as a lawyer Prasad "would know that #CAA fails the test of the Constitution". "I am seriously concerned that #CAA are often easily misused for infiltrating into the country, particularly in border states like Punjab. it is a potential threat to national security @rsprasad Ji. Does the @BJP4India led central govt even know what it's doing?" Singh said during a tweet.

Citing the sensitive border location of Punjab, the CM said, "Since CAA has no requirement of being of Indian origin or having to prove any such origins, this suggests a person claiming to be of the six religions [Hindu, Sikh, Buddhists, Jains, Parsis and Christian] could simply apply in terms of the amended law, prove entry on/before the deadline and be eligible for citizenship." "This could actually be misused for infiltration into our country, particularly within the border states, converting this misguided legislation into a national security threat," he said.

Mothers join stir with kids
Meanwhile, in Delhi, women and members from the queer and transgender communities took out a civil disobedience from Mandi House to Jantar Mantar against the CAA. Cries of 'Halla Bol' and 'Azaadi' rent the air as protesters voiced their dissent against the law. Mothers with toddlers within the ir arms also took part in the march.

Police probe researcher
An anti-CAA protester in Chennai and a citizen's collective on Friday hit out at the town police for bringing her under the scanner after her social media profile shed light on her role as a researcher with a Pakistan body. commissioner A K Viswanathan had said on Wednesday that a search would be administered to determine whether Gayatri Khandhadai has links to Pakistan- based "Bytes for All".

Police said she has been a neighborhood of a slew of agitations held within the city. The Pakistan link Viswanathan was pertaining to was about her report on women, atheists and members of LGBT community in nine countries being harassed on the idea of religion , she said.

Stir has no effect on govt
Shah, who launched an "awareness programme" in support of the CAA in Jodhpur earlier within the day, said, "Even if of these parties close , BJP won't withdraw even an in. on this issue of the Citizenship Amendment Act. you'll spread the maximum amount misinformation as you want", Shah said.

'India Has Isolated Itself Through CAA'
Former Foreign Secretary Shivshankar Menon on Friday slammed the Centre over CAA, saying India has "isolated" itself through the move and therefore the list of critical voices both reception and abroad is "pretty long." Menon said the perception of India has changed after the law was passed. "India has isolated itself through the move and therefore the list of critical voices within the international community is additionally pretty long now. Perception of India has changed within the past few months. Even our friends are stunned ," he said. "We seem determined with actions like these [CAA] to chop off and isolate ourselves... We seem to be in violation of international covenants," he added.