Youth promise to cast unbiased, brave ballots at the Chamba event

At the Government Postgraduate College’s former location in Chamba, a voter awareness event was arranged for instructors and students of different undergraduate and graduate programs on Wednesday.

Avinash Pal, the SVEEP Nodal Officer for the Chamba Assembly segment, spoke at the event and said that voter awareness campaigns were being held all throughout the state in anticipation of the next Lok Sabha elections.

He said that after explaining how the EVM and VVPAT systems worked, the students were given an oath to cast unbiased and courageous ballots.

Pupils received instruction on the value of voting as well as information on how to use the VSP site, voter helplines, and voter ID rectification software to register ballots online.

The Nodal Officer said that as voters have the authority to choose their government, educated voters are critical to a healthy democracy.

He said, “Therefore, it is the voters’ responsibility to be aware of their rights and duties.”

Additionally, students were urged to sign the pledge “My Vote, My Strength” in order to encourage others to vote and to vote in an unbiased, courageous, and pressure-free manner.

The pupils took part in crafting slogans and creating posters. “Apni Mitti Hakka Dindi, Chahe Je Mazboori Hai, Chambe Ri Tarkki Tai Har Ek Vote Zaroori Hai” is a voter awareness song written by music instructor Gulshan Pal with the intention of inspiring everyone to take an impartial and constructive role in the political process.