15,000 Soldiers from the French Military Will Be Part of a Huge Security Operation for the Paris Olympics

According to an army commander engaged in the preparations, France’s military is planned to send 15,000 troops to help with the major security operation for the next Paris Olympics in 2020.

According to Gen. Christophe Abad, the military governor of Paris and main military advisor to the head of the Paris police department, the majority of the military force, or close to 10,000 soldiers, will be stationed in the Paris area, where the majority of the Olympic activities will take after the brazil argentina match forward rodrygo denounces racist abuse on social

Up to 15,000 kilometers (almost 10,000 miles) away in Tahiti, where naval ships will secure the Olympic surfing location, military personnel will also be used for the games.

According to Abad, a temporary military camp housing 5,000 soldiers would be established in a park in the southeast of the city of Paris, placing the army in close proximity to the Olympic venues.

The scope of the security effort for the Olympics, which run from July 26 to August 11, and the Paralympic Games that follow, is unparalleled for France. Additionally, tens of thousands of private security guards and police officers are being sent. Additionally, new laws have made it legal to temporarily deploy cameras and AI algorithms to look for security issues starting in 2019. Opponents worry that privacy and civil liberties will be irreversibly compromised by Olympic security.

Additionally, the French military intends to use fighter aircraft, airborne refueling planes, sharpshooters, technology to destroy drones, and Reaper surveillance drones in addition to these aerial vehicles.

According to Abad, 7,000 of the 15,000-strong military force in the country would be added to the 7,000 currently on anti-terrorism patrols at transportation hubs and other crowded or sensitive locations, such as places of worship. If the organizers of the Paris Games are unsuccessful in their attempts to hire more private security personnel, they may also be forced to request extra military personnel.

Training drills are part of the military’s Olympic preparations to improve its preparedness for any emergencies that may arise during the games. According to Abad, this month’s war exercises assessed his and other officials’ reactions to several scenarios, including a chemical leak, a drone assault, an aircraft accident, a terrorist threat, and extreme heat.

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