Bad trapped Shakib Al Hasan, BCB will investigate social media posts, know what is the matter

Bad trapped Shakib Al Hasan, BCB will investigate social media posts, know what is the matter

Bangladesh's experienced all-rounder Shakib Al Hasan seems to be in trouble. The reason for this is one of his recent social media posts. Shakib recently informed through social media that he has tied up with a company named Wetwinner News. Bangladesh Cricket Board has come against him for this and now he will investigate it. After the board meeting held on Thursday, BCB President Nazmul Hasan said that he will issue a notice against Shakib.

BCB has said that Shakib did not inform them about it. According to the existing rules of Bangladesh, there are strict provisions regarding gambling. Shakib had given this information on Twitter on Tuesday. He had deleted this tweet earlier but then posted it again.

BCB president said this
The BCB president said, “Shakib's recent sponsorship was discussed in the meeting held on Thursday. We have given orders to issue notices against them. We will ask them what is going on about it. If it is about betting then we will not allow it. They certainly haven't asked us for approval on this. Bangladesh's law also does not allow it. This is a serious issue. We can't just rely on Facebook posts though. So to find out, we have to investigate."

Will ask for clarification from Shakib
In an interview with Dhaka-based Bengali newspaper Kaler Kantho, BCB Chief Executive Officer Nizamuddin Chowdhury said that he will seek clarification from Shakib regarding this. He said, “It is clear why such portals are created. We all know what these are. Shakib did not tell us about this deal. We heard about it today. We are looking into it legally and we want to settle this matter quickly. It is not in direct contact with the betting site but it is linked to it. This is a news portal but betting is related to it, we have to see the legal side. The rules here do not allow betting. So legally we have to see it."

what do you think Shaki?b
Hassan said, “If Shakib understands what this is, then it will be easy. If not, it will be difficult. It is a question of our reputation being tarnished. Everything has good and bad. They probably didn't think of evil."

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