Brett Lee-Shoaib Akhtar challenged, Sachin was also sledding, then Yuvraj ended his career

Brett Lee-Shoaib Akhtar challenged, Sachin was also sledding, then Yuvraj ended his career

The pace of bowlers is always a thrilling moment for cricket fans. Whatever be the situation of the heart and mind of the batsman standing at the crease at that time, but for the fans to see the bowler running from the stumps with the ball on the field from behind several meters and then watching the speed of that ball on the screen is very Is special. Many bowlers in cricket history have given these adventures to the fans, but comparing the adventures produced by Shoaib Akhtar and Brett Lee in the late 1990s and then in the first decade of the 21st century. Its difficult. The two fastest bowlers of this century were constantly trying to outdo each other. There were 3-4 bowlers who could challenge them and one of them was Shaun Tait of Australia.

Born on 22 February 1983 in Adelaide, Australia, Sean Tait started harassing batsmen in bowling ever since he started playing cricket. Tait, who had gained pace since the age of 13-14, inflicted wounds on the batsmen's body even at that age. He did the same thing in international cricket as he grew up, where he got a lot of recognition. With his unique action and lightning-like pace, Sean Tait caught everyone's attention and made a place in the Australian Cricket Team.

Debut from historical ashes of 2005

The Ashes Test series against England is the most important for Australian cricket. Any Australian cricketer wants to play in this series at some time. There are rarely such people who get this opportunity and there are even fewer players who start their international careers with it. Sean Tait was one of those lucky players.

In the historic Ashes series of 2005, Tait got a chance to make his Nottingham Test debut. Sean Tait had a discussion about speed and he also showed his view. In the first innings, Tait took 3 wickets.

However, he returned empty handed in the second innings and then got only 2 wickets in the next Test as well. But speed is not the only thing and its effect also shows. For the next year and a half, Tait did not get to play any match.

Memorable success of World Cup 2007

Tait debuted in ODI format in February 2007 and it proved to be good for him in the format. Here he got the benefit of speed as well as his loss. He often proved to be expensive, but kept picking wickets at the same time and he got the reward for his place in the 2007 World Cup. Tait proved successful in the World Cup and was the second most successful bowler with 23 wickets in 11 matches. Glenn McGrath (26) had more wickets than him.

Break, comeback and challenge Shoaib-Lee

However, after this, the career started slowly derailing. The first Tat took an indefinite break in 2008. Then in 2009, said goodbye to Test cricket. However, in 2009, once again in small format, Tait returned and once again set the pitch on fire. Its most spectacular view was seen on the Lord's ground in 2010.

During an ODI against England, Tait bowled at a speed of 161.1 km / h. It was jointly the second fastest ball in cricket history. Brett Lee also bowled at the same pace. It was thought that Shoaib Akhtar's record would be broken, but it did not happen.

One day career ends in front of Yuvraj's innings

However, Sean Tait's international career did not last long after this. Like the Australian team in the 2011 World Cup, he could not last too long. Australia had to face defeat against India in the quarter-finals, where Yuvraj Singh hit a brilliant half-century to end Australian hopes. With this, Tat's ODI career ended. However, even after this, Tait played T20 cricket occasionally, but now he proved to be just expensive bowler.

Sachin regrets sledding

Shaun Tait, during his career, tried to annoy the opposing batsmen with speed in bowling as well as verbal attacks. He also targeted the great batsman Sachin Tendulkar, but then always regretted it. During an interview, Tait admitted that he should not have sled Sachin and he always regretted it.

Test failure, Superstar in ODIs

Shaun Tait played just 3 Tests and took 5 wickets. The ODI was the most successful format for him, where he took 62 wickets in just 35 matches. At the same time, Tait took 28 wickets in his account in 21 matches before retiring from T20 cricket in 2017. Tait's career may have been short, but whenever he came from a long run-up on the pitch and hit the ball in his 'Jeff Thomson style', it was always a shock for the batsman and an exciting moment for the audience.

Board disrespected the veteran who played 218 ODIs, kicked the contract

Board disrespected the veteran who played 218 ODIs, kicked the contract

In the cricket world, some boards are always in the headlines due to their behavior towards the players. The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) is also one of those boards. In the recent case, he treated one of his legendary players in such a way that the player turned down the contract given by the board. Although this player has been without contract since 2019, but as soon as this year the board included this player in the contract, he felt insulted.

Mohammad Hafeez has not been given a contract by the board since 2019. For every match he played in 2020, the board gave him the match fee for A-category players. The board had taken this decision in view of Hafiz's seniority. But suddenly the board put him in the category where his seniors got hurt and Hafiz became angry.

There is unhappiness over getting contract for C category

According to the website ESPNcricinfo's report, PCB had awarded Hafeez a C category contract. Hafeez does not like this and he rejects this contract. He has cited the low grade contract as the reason for Hafeez's rejection of this contract. Hafeez has been performing consistently for Pakistan in T20. He has scored 331 runs in this format in the last 12 months and is behind England's David Malan in scoring the most runs in T20 in a year. Malan has scored 386 runs during this period.

Rizwan gets a category

Hafeez may have been disappointed with the contract, but there are some players who must have been very happy to see the contract list. Mohammed Rizwan, who is running in superb form at the moment, has been brought into the top category. He has come from B category to A. Fawad Alam has been kept in C category. Alam has got the prize for good performance in recent times.

PCB chief executive Wasim Khan said, "Mohammad Hafeez has refused to accept the contract. I am disappointed in this but I respect his decision. He wants to wait for the 2021-22 contract list of the PCB. To which they are fully entitled. Hafeez has been our great performer this season. We hope that he will keep this rhythm in Africa. "

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