Check Out: Virat Kohli’s Unexpected Reaction to This “Sunil” Question

The Sunil Gavaskar-Virat Kohli controversy had gone viral on social media, and Kohli’s most recent interview had some nuanced jabs at the whole mess that fanned the flames.

Kohli revisited the much-debated topic in his most recent interview with the Royal Challengers Bengaluru. The video starts with a question about one of Kohli’s friends. “See, Virat, I’d like to discuss about one of your friends. It’s your buddy, not mine. The presenter added, “He spoke very well of you, Sunil.

Given the Gavaskar strike-rate controversy and Sunil Chhetri’s recent declaration of his retirement from international football, this sentence was a deft word play. The former cricket player and current pundit had criticized Kohli’s strike rate. It looked like Kohli was taken aback by the inquiry, and he smiled and said, “Who?” The two were shocked to learn that the presenter was speaking about none other than Sunil Chhetri.

For those who don’t know, Virat Kohli recently addressed “outside noise,” in which a number of cricket commentators and supporters criticized the Indian hitter’s strike rates. Everything began with Kohli at the post-match press conference after the Gujarat Titans game, in which Royal Challengers Bengaluru successfully chased down the goal of more than 200 runs in 16 overs. In the match, Kohli had amassed a 70 from 44 balls.

“I am not sure if you have not been in that situation yourself to sit and speak about the game from the box; I don’t think it’s the same thing, so for me, it’s just about doing my job. People can talk about ideas for the game, but for me, it’s kind of a muscle memory now,” said Kohli in response to a later tirade over the discussions surrounding his strike rate.

Sunil Gavaskar was not amused by the remark and seemed to be dissatisfied that the host broadcasters had repeated a specific phrase made by Virat Kohli. In response, Gavaskar said, “All these guys talk about, ‘Oh, we don’t care about outside noise,'” at a post-match program.

Why, then, are you responding to any outside noise or other such thing? We didn’t play a lot of cricket; we all played a little. Our goals are undefined. We discuss what we see. It’s not like we have preferences or dislikes. Regardless of our preferences, we really discuss what is going on.

Virat Kohli has been playing really well in the current IPL season. The RCB player, who has amassed 661 runs in the IPL 2024 so far, is now the owner of the Orange Cap. On Saturday, May 18, Kohli will next play the Chennai Super Kings.

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