Hockey World Cup: BTS supporters exhibit their country's support for Korea

Hockey World Cup: BTS supporters exhibit their country's support for Korea

India was eliminated from the World Cup on Sunday, but attendance at the stadiums hasn't suffered—especially if it's for a match involving Korea—all due to BTS.

The seven-member K-Pop boy band's popularity among kids, whose group activities are presently on hold, has proven to be advantageous for the Korean squad competing abroad. They are never shot while being supported, as Saanvi Das, a student in Class VIII, and others would agree.

"We like BTS, and because they are Korean, we also adore Korea. At the Korea-Argentina crossover game on Monday at the Kalinga Stadium, she added, "That's why I adore the Korean squad.

Few anticipated a sold-out stadium for the match in the wake of India's elimination from the competition. Contrary to everyone's predictions, however, a large crowd—especially teenagers—showed out to support "their" team while somewhat older viewers backed Argentina.

After the teams were tied 5-5 at the conclusion of regulation, Korea defeated Argentina 3-2 in the shootout with the help of the fans.

When Korea gained possession and entered the D circle, the younger group's elation was apparent. When they were awarded a penalty corner, the crowd erupted in loud applause. However, as the players lined up for the shoot, silence descended. The stadium echoed with "Korea Korea Korea" chants when a goal was scored, and the adolescents, who could even name the players, danced and showed their support.

"I didn't want to be late for the Korea game. After the crossover victory, Saanvi, a student of Unit 8 DAV School, stated, "I will pray for the squad.

On Wednesday, Korea's next opponent will be the Netherlands.

At the Kalinga Stadium, there were more fans like Saanvi. Aditi Mohanty, a student in Class X, said: "Since BTS are from Korea, we feel compelled to support the Korean squad.

"BTS depicts unedited emotions. When I watch BTS videos at home on my father's phone, my mother constantly gets upset with me. Korea performed better than Argentina. Our prayers have been heard by God, and we will support the team going forward. Korea should win the World Cup, please.

Love Yourself: Answer, Dynamite, and Savage Love are well known to all of the young BTS fans, but their parents and instructors are not really pleased.

The Class X exams are about to begin; nevertheless, the kids are occupied viewing BTS videos. They are now pleading for us to take them to the Korea matches. Uma Patnaik, a mother of two, said, "My niece, a Class X student, and my children now want me to acquire tickets for the quarter-final game.

While families and schools are not pleased, the Odisha government has recognized the World Cup's popularity of K-Pop. On January 11, the K-Pop girl group Blackswan was invited to play at the opening ceremony at the Barabati Stadium in Cuttack.