Indian Premier League 2024: Rohit Sharma is hugged by a pitch invader as Hardik Pandya is jeered once again after missing a tough catch

In the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2024 match against the Rajasthan Royals, Mumbai Indians captain Hardik Pandya missed a tough opportunity, and the crowd erupted in jeers at Wankhede Stadium once again.

Jasprit Bumrah delivered a full-length drive that Jos Buttler hammered uppishly, and Pandya dove to his left to get his hand to the balls but was unable to hold on as they popped out. Pandya did a wonderful job of grabbing the shot, which was screaming for it. Some in the audience booed his beautiful but ineffective effort.

A fan came onto the field from the third man area and raced to Rohit Sharma, who was fielding in the slips, as the audience was jeering Pandya when they watched replays of his effort on the big screen. The pitch invader stepped in front of Rohit, who was initially surprised by the man’s approach, before giving him a hug. Eventually, security guards led the intruder out of the stadium.

Hardik Pandya was heckled by the fans at the Wankhede on Monday for the sixth time. During the press-match practice, several of the fans started heckling him.

When pundit Sanjay Manjrekar brought Hardik for the toss, there were more boos. Manjrekar urged the assembly to stay civil. However, when he spoke to the presenter after the toss, the audience jeered him once again.

Even as the jeers persisted, Pandya remained composed and carried on with his conversation. Even though he kept a straight face, the Mumbai Indians skipper was obviously unhappy with the manner in which the crowd was treating him in response to a choice the team had made.

When Pandya approached the crease to bat, the onlookers responded with more jeers. However, things went in his favor as Pandya and Tilak Varma amassed 56 runs for the fifth wicket with a couple well-placed blows.

Fans heckled Hardik during the Mumbai Indians’ first match against the Gujarat Titans. Hardik was named captain of the team in an unexpected move by the team, replacing fan favorite Rohit Sharma, who has guided the team to many IPL championships. It was anticipated since Hardik abruptly departed the Titans after guiding them to the championship in 2022 and runner-up position in the previous season, and he joined the Mumbai Indians just before the 2024 IPL.

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