IPL 2021: Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli, Rishabh Pant, MS Dhoni and Sanju Samson players 'missing', this is the reason

IPL 2021: Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli, Rishabh Pant, MS Dhoni and Sanju Samson players 'missing', this is the reason

In the beginning of IPL 2021, the match between Royal Challengers Bangalore and Mumbai Indians is going to happen. But due to the corona virus, many teams will have to come out without many big players in their first matches. Many players have come to India late. In such a situation, they will have to complete a seven-day quarantine. Because of this, they will not be able to join the bubble of their teams. Let us know which are such faces. First thing was the last time runner-up Delhi Capitals. The first match of this team is from Chennai Super Kings in Mumbai on April 10. Kagiso Rabada and Enrique Norkhia will not be able to play in this match. Both of them came to India on 6 April. His quarantine will be completed on April 12. Only then will they be able to play in IPL 2021. Both of them bowled wonderfully in the last season. It has to be seen who will take the place of captain Rishabh Pant.

It is difficult for Akshar Patel to play in the first match. They were found to be Corona positive on 28 March. Before playing on April 10, two consecutive corona tests should be negative. Even if this happens, it would be risky to put them in the match without practice. Royal Challengers Bangalore, captained by Virat Kohli, will also have to play without some players in their first match. These include Australian spinner Adam Jampa, New Zealand batsman Finn Allen. When Zampa came late due to marriage, Allen stayed due to the T20 series against Bangladesh. The quarantine of these two will end after April 9. At the same time, Daniel Symes is Corona positive, so he also will not be able to play. RCB's first match is from Mumbai Indians on 9 April.

This Chennai player will remain absent

Lungi ngidi will not be available for the first match of Chennai Super Kings. This South African fast bowler also came to India late due to the series against Pakistan and is still quarantine. However, their absence will not make much difference to the team. He has enough options in fast bowling as Deepak Chahar, Shardul Thakur, Dwayne Bravo, Sam Karan. So there is nothing to worry much about Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

Two players of the five-time winning team Mumbai Indians will not be present for the first match. Under this, Quinton Deacock and Adam Milne will be away from the first match. Both of these are in quarantine. Although Deacock came to India from the charter plane and his exit from the airport was also different, he might have been available for the first match. If this happens, then captain Rohit Sharma will take a sigh of relief.

Biggest loss to rajasthan

Rajasthan Royals will miss Jofra Archer. This England fast bowler will not play at least the first four matches. A decision will be taken later. Finding his substitute for the team captain, Sanju Samson, will be crooked. There is no such problem with other teams like KKR, Sunrisers Hyderabad, Punjab Kings. All their players will be available for selection.

CSK vs DC IPL 2021 Match Prediction: 'Guru' Dhoni, 'Chela' Pant, Superkings will fight or will Delhi riot today?

CSK vs DC IPL 2021 Match Prediction: 'Guru' Dhoni, 'Chela' Pant, Superkings will fight or will Delhi riot today?

The balloon of IPL 2021 has exploded. The adventure has skyrocketed. If the intoxication of the first bout does not come down, take it off. Because, the second match of the season to be held today is also not less. This evening is going to be even more fun. Today Guru and disciples are going to enter the arena of IPL 2021. Guru i.e. MS Dhoni, who will be commanded by Chennai Super Kings and Chela i.e. Rishabh Pant, who will take over the reins of Delhi Capitals. The competition will be of two teams, defeat and victory will also be of the team, but all eyes will be on the Guru and the disciple.

Will Guru Dhoni win now or Chela Pant, it will be known only after the match at Mumbai's Wankhede ground. However, before weighing the strengths of both teams, it is important to talk about the Guru and the disciple. Both Dhoni and Pant have the same ability. Both are wicketkeeper batsmen. Both are captains of their respective teams. Both are match winners. Both are finishers and have the power to reverse the match from the back and front of the wicket. Pant has learned a lot of keeping bets from Dhoni. In such a situation, today's competition will be no less than a big test for the disciple in front of the Guru.

These players will not play with both teams today

Now the matter of Dhoni and Pant's team. There is both balance side on paper. Dhoni's team has less young passion, more experienced sepahsalar. So the enthusiasm of the Delhi camp is high and the experience was mixed. Both teams will not get the services of their respective South African players as compared to today. Meaning that if Delhi will not be seen playing Norkhia and Rabada, then CSK will miss such a shortcoming on lungi cash. Actually, all these players reached India on 6 April. And, their quarantine time is not over yet. Delhi's problem is also the absence of Akshar Patel apart from his African colleagues. Akshar has recovered from Corona, but the chances of playing today's match are slim.

DC benefited from CSK's no match practice

Delhi Capitals players are going to have a bigger advantage match practice than CSK. In fact, barring young players like Rituraj Gaikwad, Jagadishan, Shardul, many senior CSK Sashasalars, including Dhoni, have been away from the match for a long time. Dhoni is going straight into this IPL after IPL 2020. So Ravindra Jadeja is away for a long time because of injury. Faf du Plessy has also not taken up the bat since PSL. However, the joining of Suresh Raina and Robin Uthappa has strengthened the team this season. On the other hand, every player from Delhi has played some match before landing IPL 2021. Prithvi Shaw, Shikhar Dhawan are all in rapt form. And, today you can show your stamina.

When it happened

So far, both teams have collided on the IPL pitch 23 times, in which Dhoni's victors have been victorious 15 times and Delhi has been broken on 8 occasions. On the Indian soil, both teams have been face to face 18 times. Among them, CSK has been victorious 13 times, while only 5 have shown the power of Delhi.

CSK's weight will be affected by experience

Clear, the figures are with the Chennai Super Kings. He also has the experience. Match practice is just nothing. But if the player leaves the game, he does not forget to play it. If you have experience now, the effect will be seen. Therefore, Chennai Super Kings have a bit more weight on the Delhi Capitals in today's match.

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