IPL Changed International Cricket’s Time Monopoly For Players: Pat Cummins

According to Australia captain Pat Cummins, the IPL has removed the monopoly of international cricket on players’ time. However, Cummins believes it will be difficult to convince players to prefer national duty over franchise cricket in the future.

Cummins said that Trent Boult’s choice to turn down a rich T20 league deal for a New Zealand centre player had been anticipated ever since the IPL altered the nature of the game a decade ago.

Prior to the World Test Championship Final versus India at The Oval beginning on June 7, Cummins was reported by the Sydney Morning Herald as stating, “I think it is here now.”

“Unlike in the past, international cricket no longer has a stranglehold on players’ time. Although the IPL altered that a decade ago, I believe we need to take preemptive measures since there will inevitably be additional material introduced.

However, Cummins acknowledged that in these days of financially lucrative franchise-based leagues, getting his colleagues to choose national service above all other considerations would be difficult.

In order to persuade every player to want to play for Australia as much as possible, we must continue to make representing Australia as exceptional as we can. The difficulty lies in it. I believe it is now upon us, and we need to begin really considering it. A 12-month international calendar may seem somewhat different in a few years, in my opinion,” the pacesetter said.

According to Cummins, cricket is moving in the direction of football, and eventually, national teams will require permission from franchises before they can represent their nation.

“When you’re talking about some of the opportunities that may be provided through the franchises, I don’t think you can blame players who might take that option,” he added.

“I can see the day when that (a franchise release) occurs. I believe that to be true. It has been seen in various sports. Therefore, we must continue to promote the unique benefits of playing for Australia. Additionally, make sure there is enough wiggle room to attempt to get the greatest performance out of these folks.

“We still want the finest players to represent us in major tournaments and World Cups. However, there are undoubtedly more conflicting interests now than there were in the past. Because of this, things are beginning to move more quickly and in the direction of a more “world football” model, in which you play for your club while being hired by them and are then freed to represent your nation.

The WTC, in Cummins’ opinion, adds additional context to the bilateral Test series.

He expressed excitement for Australia’s first WTC Final versus India, who had qualified for the previous competition.

India is playing in the World Test Championship final first, which I believe many people have forgotten, added Cummins.

“It seems like there is a little bit more to it the second time around. That first one seemed to be a significant chance lost. So every series now has something significant to play for, which undoubtedly gives it a little more significance.

“The big series, say Ashes or India series where you play four or five Test matches, are obviously big battles, whereas the more common series where you play two or three in a series, it (the World Test Championship) gives them a bit more global context and something a little bit extra to play for.”

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