'Malik said - no one is watching, Shahid Afridi reveals 17-year-old secret

'Malik said - no one is watching, Shahid Afridi reveals 17-year-old secret

Former Pakistan cricketer Shahid Afridi has exposed a famous case for 17 years old. This is the case when Shahid Afridi had to face a ban from playing one Test and two ODIs due to pitch tampering. Afridi has now described this entire case in detail.

Talking on a TV channel in Pakistan, Afridi said, 'It was a very good series. The test match was being held in Faisalabad. Believe me, in that test, neither the ball was turning, nor was there swing or seam. The match was getting boring. I was trying my best but nothing was happening. And then suddenly a gas cylinder exploded and everyone's attention turned towards it. Then I told Shoaib Malik that my heart is wanting that I should make a screw here, at least the ball should turn.

Afridi further said, 'Shoaib told me that no one is watching Kar De. So I just did it. And then whatever happened became history. When I remember that case, I feel that it was a mistake.

Started making screws on the pitch with shoes
17 years ago the England team was on a tour of Pakistan. Here a gas cylinder exploded during the Faisalabad test. Everyone's attention was on him. Meanwhile, Shahid Afridi was seen spoiling the pitch with his shoes. At that time this case had made a lot of headlines.

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