“RoGoat In Garden”: Supporters Respond To Rohit Sharma’s Family Vacation Following Momentous Victory Over Pakistan

Indian skipper Rohit Sharma went on a family excursion after a hectic weekend. Recently, in New York, he guided the Men in Blue to a historic triumph against Pakistan. The captain, who has already won two matches in the T20 World Cup 2024, at last managed to unwind with his spouse, Ritika Sajdeh and their daughter, Samaira.

Rohit posted a number of pictures on Instagram that showed off his brief trip.

“As one with nature,” the post’s caption said.

In another photo that Rohit Sharma posted, the three people were seen holding hands. Samaira hugged her parents tightly and grinned broadly. The ace hitter also put his photography talents to the test, shooting up a handful of images of his surroundings. Another photo that Rohit uploaded showed the stunning lake and a crisp, blue New York sky. He made an additional click to show off several turtles swimming in the lake.

After seeing Rohit Sharma savor the New York foliage, fans have finally responded. A single person wrote, “Captain Saab.”

“RoGoat in the Garden” was another addition.

One admirer responded, “I love you, captain.”

“Good luck, brother, and a beautiful time with your family’s best wishes,” one person said.

“RO Forever, our captain,” was added by another.

Back in January 2015, Rohit Sharma and Ritika Sajdeh exchanged vows. The couple brought their sole child, a girl they called Samaira, into their family three years later, in 2018. Over the last five years, Rohit has had unwavering support for his profession from his wife and daughter. On June 9, at the Nassau County International Cricket Stadium, Ritika and Samaira were also there. They were all over X with a photo of them celebrating Jasprit Bumrah’s wicket in the fifteenth over.

Regarding the game, Jasprit Bumrah took three wickets as he continued on his rampage against India’s defense. His wickets of Mohammad Rizwan, Iftikhar Ahmed, and Babar Azam guaranteed that Pakistan could not equal India’s score of 119 runs. Next, Rohit Sharma and the team will try to lead India over the co-hosts of the event, the USA, for a record-tying third consecutive win. The game is scheduled to take place in New York tomorrow, June 12.

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