The lone cricket test match in Odisha, the ODI center, is about to undergo a massive renovation that would increase seats

The Barabati stadium, which hosts the only cricket test match and one-day international center in Odisha, is about to undergo a huge makeover to become a world-class sports campus. The stadium can now hold 60,000 spectators thanks to a large expansion of its seating capacity.

The project will be transformed as part of the State Government’s 5T transformation effort. According to Chairman 5T (Transformational Initiatives) and Nabin Odisha Kartik Pandian, the Barabati Stadium area would be turned into a world-class sports campus with the greatest facilities for cricket players and other sports disciplines on Wednesday.

The stadium’s amenities, which include food courts and restrooms, are fully up to international standards, and fans will enjoy pleasant match watching from roads, parking, and galleries. There will be facilities on campus for several sports.

A five-star hotel, offices, and a shopping mall are planned for the area next to the Barabati stadium. One of the primary open public areas for the people of Cuttack city will be the public plaza that will be created in front of the stadium.

Under the 5T transition, cricket development will be given top priority, and the state will see the construction of cricket training facilities with top-notch coaching. According to Pandian, the goal is to establish Odisha as a significant developing state in the cricket world.

He recommended that this year’s high-level State-level cricket league be launched, complete with adequate broadcast facilities, in order to increase the competitiveness of the Odisha cricket players.

He said that this would enable all aspiring cricket players to demonstrate their abilities and enhance their talents.

He said that women’s cricket would be a key area of concentration and that the Odisha Women Cricket Academy will soon open for business in Puri.

He said that the Odisha Cricket Academy in Cuttack would undergo further renovations in order to provide the greatest instructional resources to cricket players of all ages.

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