The stadium will disappear after the tournament, let's know the reason

The stadium will disappear after the tournament, let's know the reason

Seven luxurious stadiums have been built in Qatar for the FIFA World Cup. But one of these seven stadiums will disappear after the tournament. Organizers of the FIFA World Cup games have said the "Stadium 974" in Doha will be removed after the tournament. This stadium is located near the port. The over 40,000-seat stadium is partially constructed from recycled shipping containers and steel.

Qatar says the stadium will be completely dismantled after the World Cup and its materials could be shipped to countries that need infrastructure. Foreign experts have praised the design of this stadium. Karim Elgendi, an associate partner at the London-based Chatham House think tank, said that before designing a sustainable building, it is decided how the building will behave if it ever decomposes. This allows for the natural restoration of a construction site or its reuse for some other purpose.

In fact, buildings are responsible for about 40 percent of the world's energy-related carbon emissions. Of that, about 10 percent comes from carbon or greenhouse gas emissions related to the construction, maintenance, and demolition of buildings. The stadium is named 974 after the international dialing code for Qatar and the number of containers used to build the stadium. This is the only venue built by Qatar for the FIFA World Cup that is not air-conditioned. The stadium is hosting only evening matches when the temperature is lower.

Fenwick Irribaren Architects, who designed Stadium 974 and two other World Cup stadiums, say the original idea was to avoid building a "white elephant". Similar stadiums were built in South Africa, Brazil, and Russia which have remained unused since the tournament ended. There is no benefit in building such stadiums. Qatar says it has developed plans for another six stadiums after the Games are over. Seats will be removed from many stadiums.

Colorful shipping containers have been used to build Stadium 974. Containers have also been used in the interior for household facilities such as toilets. Like giant blocks, boxes of bright red, yellow, and blue corrugated steel appear to be braced between layers of steel. This design gives the stadium a completely different industrial look. Qatar has not said where the demolished stadium will go after the tournament. Organizers have said that the stadium could be used to build a venue of the same size or several smaller stadiums.