The team that defeated India in the semi-finals of CWG cricket 17 times

The team that defeated India in the semi-finals of CWG cricket 17 times

New Delhi: Which 4 teams will play the semi-finals of cricket in the Commonwealth Games 2022, it has been decided. Apart from India's women's cricket team, hosts England, Australia, and New Zealand are there. As soon as the names of 4 teams for the semi-finals were stamped, it also became clear that which team will face whom for the final ticket. Team India is competing in this race, that team has defeated it not one, two, or three but 17 times in T20I. India's team i.e. against him has been able to win the match negligibly.

The road to reaching the finals of Team India is not going to be easy. If he has to travel this journey, then he will have to play his best cricket. Forgetting what happened earlier, we have to get down on the field. Because if we talk about the cricket matches played in CWG 2022, then the strength of both the teams has shown a lot so far.

Cricket semi-finals in CWG
Now you must be thinking that about the lineup of the semi-finals, then let us tell you that India will face the host country England in the semi-finals of CWG cricket. There will be another semi-final between Australia and New Zealand. Both these matches will be held on 6 August.

Indian team lost 17 T20Is to England
Now understand from this figure how challenging the distance from the semi-final to the final can be for the Indian women's cricket team. The women's teams of India and England have clashed 22 times in T20Is so far. Out of those 22 occasions, the England team has won 17 times. That is, on only 5 occasions, the Indian team has been victorious.

Another thing against India would be that the England team would be playing at home. He will get the advantage of this. Not only this, but England has also maintained its dominance in the 8 T20 matches played with India at home so far. He allowed Indian women to win only 2 matches against him on his soil while winning 6 himself.

India's girls will write a new history
Well, in cricket every day, every match is new. What happened earlier is history recorded in the pages. Whatever happens now will become a new history. It is expected that in the 1998 Commonwealth Games, India's men's cricket team was out of the group stage itself, India's cuckoo in Birmingham will keep away that regret.

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