Upon Arsenal’s victory, Bukayo Saka addresses Rio Ferdinand’s ‘Not World Class’ remarks

16 goals in a season, a consistency that rivals the finest talent available right now, and the foundation of a squad that has won six straight Premier League games. Sufficiently top-notch? Bukayo Saka recently addressed the controversial remarks made by Rio Ferdinand.

Midweek saw Mikel Arteta’s team lose 1-0 to Porto in the Champions League, but they bounced back to win six straight Premier League games and reach 25 goals overall.

Arsenal thrashed Newcastle United 4-1 Wednesday night, dominating the Magpies from set pieces and scoring three of their four goals from them.

Saka has now scored seven goals in his previous five Premier League games, and the England international’s scoring run before halftime was only stopped by a brilliant save from Karius at the near post.

An interviewer questioned Saka about his recent form after the game.

Jules Breach, the interviewer, said, “16 goals so far this season, how about that finish as well? Some would call it world-class.”

Saka just chuckled and said, “No remark. I’m pleased that I scored another goal tonight, but I’m happier that I prevailed.

“I’m putting in a lot of effort and working hard every day. Of course, having excellent teammates who pass the ball skillfully to me also helps.

“We just need to keep working on this [form]; we’ve been putting in a lot of effort, and things are starting to click now.”

The whole story began when Ferdinand said in a TNT Sports interview that Saka would have to win championships to be included alongside players like Phil Foden of Manchester City. Ferdinand said, “I don’t think he [Saka] has done it at the top level winning trophies in a team like this.”

In addition, Ferdinand said in the same interview that Phil Foden has been a much more reliable player in pivotal times. Ferdinand said, “He’s [Phil Foden] done that against the best teams as well, consistently.”

In contrast, Bukayo Saka, the legendary player for Manchester United, thought it was premature to refer to the Arsenal player as “world-class.”

Ferdinand said, “I think Saka is more about; he needs the opportunity to perform at that platform, on that level, consistently, and see where he’s at and then we can consider him.”

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