Usman Khawaja explains his decision to wear a black armband and challenges the ICC

According to ESPNcricinfo, Australian opening batsman Usman Khawaja will contest the accusation brought against him by the International Cricket Council (ICC) for wearing a blank armband during the first Test match against Pakistan.

Khawaja said that he donned the black armband for “personal bereavement” before to the commencement of the second Test in Melbourne. The 37-year-old made the observation that other cricket players had done “all sorts of things” in the past without ever facing consequences.

“On the second day [in Perth], they asked me what it was for, and I said that it was for a personal loss. I never said it was for anything other than that. Those shoes, I’m glad to report, were another story. To me, the armband is incomprehensible. ESPNcricinfo cited Khawaja as stating, “I followed all the rules, previous precedents, guys that put stickers on their bats, names on their shoes, done all sorts of things in the past without ICC approval and never been reprimanded.”

The Australian hitter went on to say that he abides by all rules and regulations set out by the top cricket authority. The left-handed hitter went on to say that ICC has never been reliable in the past.

“I respect the norms and guidelines established by the ICC. I want to question and challenge them on whether they provide fairness and equality for all parties involved, as well as if their officiating style is consistent. That consistency still has to be achieved. I was extremely forthright and truthful about it. “I’ll handle that through the ICC,” he continued.

Khawaja had originally intended to enter the field with training-related armbands proclaiming “all lives are equal” and “freedom is a human right” to draw attention to the humanitarian situation in Gaza. However, Khawaja decided to wear the armband during the first Test match in Perth.

Although players often wear black armbands to honor the memories of departed teammates, loved ones, or other important people, doing so requires clearance from the ICC and the national board.

An ICC official informed ESPNcricinfo, “Usman Khawaja has been charged for breaching Clause F of the Clothing and Equipment Regulations.”


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