Virat Kohli's behavior revealed former selector, told- people feel arrogant and hot-tempered

Virat Kohli's behavior revealed former selector, told- people feel arrogant and hot-tempered

The behavior of Indian captain Virat Kohli is often discussed in the field. Famous for his aggressive style, this form of Kohli is liked by many, while his style is also criticized at times. Due to his behavior during the match, Kohli has an image that he is always angry and takes an aggressive stance with everyone, but former selector of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), Sarandeep Singh (Sarandeep Singh) misunderstood him. is. Sarandeep Singh has said that Kohli is very gentle off the field. Along with this, Sarandeep has also disclosed on Kohli's behavior in the selection meeting.

While batting or fielding during the match, Virat Kohli often tries to dominate the opposing team. While batting, he runs and defeats the opposing bowlers and fielders, while during the bowling of his team, he tries to relieve the sweat of other teams by his aggressive behavior. Due to this, he often targets cricket experts and fans, who believe that the Kohli grounds are extremely angry and their behavior is not good.

Exactly what they look like on the field

Sarandeep Singh, who was the selector of the Indian cricket team till a few months ago, has rejected all these assumptions that Kohli remains aggressive outside the field in the same way. Sarandeep said that people feel that Virat is arrogant, but that is not the case at all. Sportskeedha talk with former Indian spinner said,

"Virat is a good listener. I do not know what people think about them. When you see him in a match, he is always full of energy when batting or fielding. So it seems that he is hot-tempered and arrogant and does not listen to anyone. but it's not like that. The more aggressive he is on the field, the more simple and grounded he really is. ”

Sarandeep also told how Virat's behavior is during the selection meeting. He said, “He was very gentle even in the selection meeting. He always listened to everyone and then came to the final conclusion. "

All players respect Virat

The former Indian spinner also said that the rest of the players also respect Virat immensely. Sarandeep said, "There is no servant in his house. He and his wife give food to the people themselves. What else you need? Virat always sits with you, talks and goes for dinner with you. All the players have respect for him. ”

Board disrespected the veteran who played 218 ODIs, kicked the contract

Board disrespected the veteran who played 218 ODIs, kicked the contract

In the cricket world, some boards are always in the headlines due to their behavior towards the players. The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) is also one of those boards. In the recent case, he treated one of his legendary players in such a way that the player turned down the contract given by the board. Although this player has been without contract since 2019, but as soon as this year the board included this player in the contract, he felt insulted.

Mohammad Hafeez has not been given a contract by the board since 2019. For every match he played in 2020, the board gave him the match fee for A-category players. The board had taken this decision in view of Hafiz's seniority. But suddenly the board put him in the category where his seniors got hurt and Hafiz became angry.

There is unhappiness over getting contract for C category

According to the website ESPNcricinfo's report, PCB had awarded Hafeez a C category contract. Hafeez does not like this and he rejects this contract. He has cited the low grade contract as the reason for Hafeez's rejection of this contract. Hafeez has been performing consistently for Pakistan in T20. He has scored 331 runs in this format in the last 12 months and is behind England's David Malan in scoring the most runs in T20 in a year. Malan has scored 386 runs during this period.

Rizwan gets a category

Hafeez may have been disappointed with the contract, but there are some players who must have been very happy to see the contract list. Mohammed Rizwan, who is running in superb form at the moment, has been brought into the top category. He has come from B category to A. Fawad Alam has been kept in C category. Alam has got the prize for good performance in recent times.

PCB chief executive Wasim Khan said, "Mohammad Hafeez has refused to accept the contract. I am disappointed in this but I respect his decision. He wants to wait for the 2021-22 contract list of the PCB. To which they are fully entitled. Hafeez has been our great performer this season. We hope that he will keep this rhythm in Africa. "

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