Waking up late, developing a beard and losing weight: Sunil Gavaskar sheds mild on existence amid Covid-19 lockdown

Waking up late, developing a beard and losing weight: Sunil Gavaskar sheds mild on existence amid Covid-19 lockdown

Talking to India Today Consulting Editor Rajdeep Sardesai, Gavaskar, who used to be wearing a white beard attributed the facial hair to 'sheer laziness' earlier than revealing that he has been residing existence 'in the extremely sow lane' at some stage in the lockdown. However, what was once most shocking was once Gavaskar's revelation that he has misplaced a lot of weight in this time and now weighs simply a few grams extra than what he used to when he made his Test debut for India in 1971 - nearly 50 years ago!

"Basically I have been taking it a bit easy, waking up late, catching up on a bit of breeding. Then in the evenings I go for a walk on my terrace and I ought to inform you that you will be amazed to comprehend that I have nearly come down to my debut collection weight - simply 0.03 kgs greater than what my weight used to be when I made my debut. Also, the truth that due to the fact of the restrictions, your diets are additionally restricted. Also, watch some TV serials or some thing like that in the evening. Overall, simply enormously joyful to be staying at domestic actually," stated Gavaskar.

Gavaskar additionally rued the truth that his complete household could not be with him at this second however video calling facets in smartphones and different such units have helped him continue to be related with his total family.

"In the ultra-slow lane (living lifestyles in). I would be very glad if my complete household was once right here with me however it is no longer the case. But fortuitously with all these new contraptions you can surely see every different and discuss to every different so it is a large plus as well," stated Gavaskar.

Gavaskar additionally stated that his donation of Rs. fifty nine lakh closer to the battle in opposition to coronavirus is 'nothing' in contrast to what a few others are doing. He additionally provided greater assist to the authorities in the ongoing conflict to incorporate the pandemic.

"Yes I bought 35 thousands for India in Tests and ODIs so I gave that (35 lakhs) to the PM-CARES fund and I acquired 24 for Mumbai so I gave the equal quantity to the Maharashtra CM-Relief fund. But it truly is nothing and human beings are doing plenty extra and if the govt. wishes me to some thing extra I would be very blissful to do that. I am what I am solely due to the fact of India," stated Gavaskar.