Watch How Sachin Tendulkar Helps Treat Babies Born With Deformities in Kashmir

The legendary Indian cricket player Sachin Tendulkar disclosed on social media that his charity was assisting a medical organization in Kashmir with the treatment of newborns born with abnormalities. In addition to being one of the all-time greats in cricket, Sachin is renowned for his charitable contributions made via the Sachin Tendulkar Foundation, or STF.

The famous Indian is now having a fantastic time in Kashmir, but he found time to talk to a few people at the Inga Health Foundation Hospital. Sachin said, “One of the centers we have been supporting is in Srinagar,” in his post on X. We spoke with physicians, kids, and their parents at the Inga Health Foundation hospital when we were in Jammu and Kashmir.

In his article, Sachin Tendulkar also said how the accounts of the impacted children’s lives having undergone significant change moved him and his family. He went on to say that his daughter Sara Tendulkar and wife Anjali were overjoyed to see the little ones. It was satisfying to hear of the ways in which the surgery has improved the lives of these kids. After meeting these tiny heroes, Anjali, Sara, and I were all grinning,” Sachin said.

While in Kashmir, Sachin Tendulkar has been keeping his supporters informed about his whereabouts with frequent updates. The former cricket player first provided an update on his travels on Tuesday, February 20, when he was seen onboard an aircraft. Then, Sachin gave a behind-the-scenes look during his tour of a bat factory in Charsoo, which was situated along the Srinagar–Jammu route. Kashmir willow bats were the factory’s most well-known product. The Tendulkar family had paid a visit to the site and conversed briefly with the employees who were on duty.

This is not the first instance in which Sachin Tendulkar has attempted to improve the community outside of the cricket field. In order to assist in supplying food and education to children in Sri Lanka, Sachin collaborated with the United Nations Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) last year. The former cricket player has engaged with several children in Ayubowan. Sachin shared on Instagram how the school he was visiting at the time taught compassion for all people. He was also seen supporting UNICEF’s campaign in India with David Beckham for the 2023 ODI World Cup.

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