940 corona infected found in UP for the second consecutive day, cases increased two times in 15 days

940 corona infected found in UP for the second consecutive day, cases increased two times in 15 days

On Wednesday, 940 new patients with coronavirus infection have been found in Uttar Pradesh for the second consecutive day. Earlier on Tuesday also 943 patients were found. Only 766 patients have become healthy as compared to newly found patients. In such a situation, active cases have increased to 5790. 15 days ago there were 2804 patients of Corona. In such a situation, the number of patients has doubled in the last 15 days.

In view of the increase in the number of corona-infected patients in Uttar Pradesh, adequate vigilance is being taken. In view of the festivals of Rakshabandhan and Janmashtami, vigilance has been increased further. Monitoring committees have been alerted to monitor people coming from abroad and other states. With the help of ANM and ASHA workers, people with symptoms of corona are being investigated.

Despite the increasing number of patients, the number of investigations is not increasing. On Wednesday, 59140 people were tested. At the same time, on August 9, 63556 people and on August 8, 53919 people were tested for corona. The Health Department has appealed that if people go to the market, shopping malls, and public places, then they should compulsorily put on masks and follow the rule of a physical distance of two yards.

Reprimand to all CMOS for reducing corona investigation: The number of coronavirus patients is increasing rapidly in the state. In the last 15 days, active cases have doubled to 5790. Nevertheless, less than 60 thousand tests are being done to identify the corona infected in the districts, while the government has ordered a minimum of one lakh tests per day. In such a situation, Director General of Medical and Health Dr. Lilly Singh has expressed displeasure by writing a letter to the Chief Medical Officers (CMOs) of all the districts.

He has warned, citing the Real-Time Polymerase Chain Reaction (RTPCR) test and antigen test of Corona done from August 5 to August 7. It is to be known that up to three lakh corona tests can be done daily in the state. Despite the decrease in the number of patients in the past, instructions were given to conduct at least one lakh corona tests per day, but even fewer tests are being done.

One lakh tests were done 45 days ago in the state on 26 June. Since then the number of tests has been decreasing continuously. On August 5, 78692 corona test, 78857 test on August 6, 53919 test on August 8, 63556 test on August 9 and corona test of 59140 people have been done in the state on August 5.

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