“Abducted” medical student slain close to Muzaffarnagar College

ALIGARH: On Thursday night, the corpse of Kritika Chauhan, a 21-year-old first-year MBBS student at Muzaffarnagar Medical College, was discovered next to a railway track in Begrajpur hamlet, a few distance from the college’s grounds. Authorities reported that her father’s complaint led to the arrest of her classmate.

Rahul Chauhan, Kritika’s father, complained to the police, saying, “My daughter was a diligent student living in the girls’ hostel.”

We believe that on Thursday night, her classmate enticed her to the campus gate, kidnapped her, murdered her, and dumped her corpse next to the railroad tracks.

In response to Chauhan’s accusation, Muzaffarnagar police opened an inquiry and filed a case against Kunal Saini, a resident of Shahpur town.
“Police informed us late Thursday night about her body being found near a railway track,” said R. S. Sengar, Kritika’s brother-in-law.

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