Agra's dental surgeon reached the base camp of Mount Everest, the height is 5364 meters, tips for trekking

Agra's dental surgeon reached the base camp of Mount Everest, the height is 5364 meters, tips for trekking

Agra's Dental Surgeon Dr. NS Lodhi has successfully completed the ascent of the base camp of Mount Everest. He is the first doctor from Agra to reach the base camp. The height of this base camp is 5364 meters.

Preparing for Everest Base Camp

Dr. Lodhi, who runs his clinic on Fatehabad Road, was preparing for the base camp for the past year. He used to cycle about 25 km every day. He used to do cardio exercises, in which he used to run with weight on the treadmill. Did meditation. Dr. Lodhi told that he had reached Kathmandu on 17 September for the base camp. The trekking started on 18 September from Lakula in Kathmandu. Arrived at base camp on 26 September, reached down on 1 October. Came back to Agra on 2 October.

Oxygen starts getting low on Everest

Dr. Lodhi told that many types of problems come up during the tracking. Digestion slows down at such a height. If there is less oxygen then there is difficulty in breathing. The trek is followed by a medical team and Sherpas, who do regular health checks. Dr. Lodhi cycled 550 km from Manali to Khardungla Pass last year. Have also done the Roopkund track.

Now preparing to go to Mount Everest

After preparing for a year or two, he wants to go to Mount Everest. Dr. Lodhi said that he was accompanied by 18 people in the trekking group, out of which he was the only one from Uttar Pradesh. Only three people could reach the base camp. Dr. Lodhi is also the President of the Agra Dental Association.

keep these things in mind
Start preparing one year before going to base camp.
Do cardio exercise.
Do not eat fiber-rich food as the digestion process is slow in tracking.
Drink four to five liters of water or else there is stiffness in the whole body at night.
Every day one pack of Electrol has to be drunk.
There is a complaint of headache and vomiting, for this, take medicines regularly.
Baby feet have to be taken so that there is no tiredness and breathlessness.
Tracking can be done only till 12-one a day. After that, the weather changes and snowfall starts. Accordingly, carry clothes, shoes, jackets, etc.
Here comes the cost of one and a half lakhs

Two permits have to be taken for the base camp, whose fee is Rs 3700. The cost of traveling to and from Kathmandu, including the cost of clothes, etc., costs about one and a half lakh rupees.

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