As she runs for a second term in Sultanpur, Maneka Gandhi is unfazed by the warmth and lack of voter turnout

May 21, Sultanpur (UP) BJP leader Maneka Gandhi, who is running for her tenth term in Parliament, seems unaffected by the hot weather and lack of interest in voting.

In 2019, Maneka Gandhi won by a margin of over 14,000 votes in the Sultanpur Lok Sabha seat.

The objective for the BJP and Maneka Gandhi is to strengthen their control over Sultanpur and widen the margin of victory this time.

Maneka Gandhi is actively campaigning in Sultanpur, giving speeches at 25 to 30 public gatherings every day.

She doesn’t reply to criticism from her rivals, and the most of her campaign is centered on the job completed in the previous five years.

Maneka Gandhi even avoids discussing Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath of Uttar Pradesh, or their administrations excessively.

The BJP’s Sultanpur municipal general secretary, Praveen Mishra, said, “Since winning office, she has made two trips to every village. She used to even take a car during COVID-19. Everyone wants to air their complaints by speaking with the MP or MLA. In the last five years, she has talked with over 13 lakh people out of the approximately 18 lakh total electorate. She has addressed about 80,000 problems that the public has brought to her attention. She is accessible to them every morning for two hours, even during the election.

Maneka Gandhi responds, “He told me that he wanted to come but I told him that things are fine and if needed, I will call him,” when asked about her son Varun Gandhi’s absence from her campaign.

The Gandhi surname does have a casteless quality, hence attempts by the opposition INDIA bloc candidate Ram Bhual Nishad and BSP’s Udraj Varma to corner the BJP MP in Sultanpur did not succeed.

It’s interesting to note that in Sultanpur, the BJP is one seat where the election campaign is not going too far. There is a palpable sense of confidence that Maneka Gandhi would win the seat twice in a row.

In 2019, Sultanpur presented her with a more formidable opponent due to the partnership between the BSP and SP, as well as the involvement of two local strongmen, Sonu and Monu Singh.

Due to the two brothers’ political involvement, Maneka Gandhi narrowly won the seat by 15,000 votes.

The SP-Congress coalition, which is not as potent a combination, has taken the place of the SP-BSP partnership in this election.

Additionally, the politically significant Singh brothers have chosen not to participate in the election this time around, giving the BJP exclusive control over the seat.

The Nishad caste, which has over 2.5 lakh votes in this area and is represented by the SP’s Nishad, is split in his community over his lack of popularity despite being a former minister.

The BSP’s Kurmi candidate, Udraj Varma, has added intrigue to the race.

Although Kurmis make up a significant portion of Sultanpur’s voter base, they have also supported the BJP in previous elections, much like the Nishads.

Maneka Gandhi is relying on her reputation and the work she has done since 2019 to help her during these elections; she is not concerned about the caste element.

Not only that, but Rahul and Priyanka Gandhi haven’t yet launched a campaign against their estranged aunt, and the SP and BSP campaigns are essentially invisible.

Monkeys going on the rampage is the constituency’s main problem.

Some residents have chosen to abstain from voting since the situation has grown so awful.

The people living in Purva Village in Chandpur Bhojai, which is part of the Sultanpur Lok Sabha seat’s Sadar Assembly constituency, declared their intention to abstain from voting.

Recently, monkeys have assaulted and bitten a number of individuals and destroyed a number of properties.

Given that Maneka Gandhi is well-known for being an activist and animal lover, the concerned authorities are hesitant to take any more action.

How she resolves this issue in her constituency is yet to be seen.

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