Building collapse in Lucknow: 2 people are presumed trapped while 1 is rescued from the wreckage

Building collapse in Lucknow: 2 people are presumed trapped while 1 is rescued from the wreckage

A senior official said Wednesday that one more person was retrieved from the wreckage of a building that collapsed here Tuesday evening, bringing the total number of persons brought out to 15 while at least two more are still thought to be trapped.

Even as Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath ordered the formation of a three-member committee to investigate the event and provide a report in a week, a coordinated multi-agency search operation is now underway to identify the two.

A government statement released here on Wednesday said that the Lucknow administration has ordered the filing of a complaint against the constructor and owners of the multi-story building in the Hazratganj neighborhood.

According to a senior official, personnel from the National Disaster Response Force, State Disaster Response Force, and other organizations that have been working on the rescue effort since yesterday night were successful in saving a lady this morning.

She was sent urgently to the public hospital.

According to a government official, the chief minister assembled a three-person committee consisting of the chief engineer of the Public Works Department, Piyush Mordia, Joint Commissioner of Police, and Lucknow Divisional Commissioner Roshan Jacob.

According to the spokesperson, this committee will identify the perpetrators of the crime and provide its findings within a week.

Jacob instructed employees of the Lucknow Development Authority to initiate legal action against Yazdan builders as well as building owners Mohammad Tareef and Nawazish Shahid. He ordered that a lawsuit be filed against them.

Additionally, the DC has mandated that any other structures built by Yazdan Builder in Lucknow City be identified and examined. He said that they need to be destroyed if they are discovered to be unlawful or of low quality.

District Magistrate Suryapal Gangwar of Lucknow announced earlier in the day that 14 people had been rescued from the rubble of the "Alaya Apartment" and that three more, including two persons who were reportedly together, were still trapped within.

Security personnel rescued one of the three this morning.

The victims brought to the Civil Hospital, according to a doctor caring for them, have visible wounds and are traumatized. There are no obvious serious injuries in either the CT scan or the X-rays that have been taken. He said that the team of experts is in attendance.

He said, "There are two further individuals admitted to the King George's Medical University Trauma Center."

According to a government spokeswoman, Chief Minister Adityanath is keeping an eye on the rescue efforts. All of the hospitals in the area are on notice, says Deputy Chief Minister Brijesh Pathak. The four-story structure has 12 apartments, nine of which were inhabited, he said.

According to Pathak, one of those who was hospitalized since yesterday night has been released, and the rest are doing great.

As of right now, getting all the victims to safety and providing them with the necessary medical care is our first priority, Pathak said, adding that anybody found to be at fault for the tragedy would face harsh punishment.