By August, 10 crore people will get corona vaccine in Uttar Pradesh, Yogi Adityanath government is preparing for mega vaccination

By August, 10 crore people will get corona vaccine in Uttar Pradesh, Yogi Adityanath government is preparing for mega vaccination

After the decline in corona cases in Uttar Pradesh, now the Yogi government has started giving relief to the public. The government is opening the curfew in a phased manner. Under the Corona guidelines, restaurants have been allowed to open with half the capacity from Monday. There it is. The government plans to vaccinate all the people of the state above the age of 18 by December.

With the slowing down of Corona, the government is emphasizing on increasing the vaccination, along with this, preparations are being made for the third wave on a war footing after the pace of the second wave in the state has stopped. Due to this, CM Yogi started the country's largest free drug distribution program. Under which distribution of free medicine kits was started to more than 50 lakh children. In its first phase, 17 lakh kits have been sent to the districts.

Plan to vaccinate 10 crore people by August

71 lakh kits were sent to give 100 kits to each monitoring committee for adults. In April, ASHAs went from door to door and distributed about 10 lakh medicines free of cost. In May, 12,955 monitoring committees in urban areas and 58,194 in rural areas distributed about 68 lakh free medicine kits in four phases. Along with this, vaccination is being done in more than 66 hundred centers under the free special vaccination campaign in UP. At the same time, the government has a plan to vaccinate 10 crore people of the state in June, July and August.

'Parental Special' booth for families of children

About 20 thousand employees are being trained by the government for the massive vaccination campaign. The parents of children below 12 years of age are being vaccinated at the 'Parental Special' booth and women at the Pink Booth. By June 20, 100 beds will be made in all medical colleges, 20 beds in Pediatric ICU (PICU) in every district hospital and Piku/Neeku beds in at least two CHCs.

Relief to farmers in Corona period

During the Corona period, the Yogi government is giving ration to the poor and needy and also giving maintenance. By CM Yogi, Rs 1000 was transferred online to 23 lakh workers, Rs 230 crore was sent directly to the account of the workers. With this, CM Yogi instructed that not a single needy should be deprived of ration, if there is no ration card, then make it immediately. The Yogi government says that wheat procurement continued even during the Corona period. In two months, 55.34 lakh metric tonnes of wheat were procured from about 12 and a half lakh farmers. Purchase of more than 18.49 lakh metric tonnes as compared to last year.

Uttar Pradesh: Corona controlled in UP! 9 districts became infection free, in many cases only single digit remains

Uttar Pradesh: Corona controlled in UP! 9 districts became infection free, in many cases only single digit remains

Corona in UP has now been controlled to a great extent in Uttar Pradesh. The Yogi Adityanath government is telling it the result of its advance planning. It is a matter of relief for UP that now nine districts have become corona free (Corona Free Districts). For this relief to the state, it is believed that CM Yogi has an important role in this. Every day for one and a half years, CM Yogi himself holds a review meeting with the officials. Also make strategy on every aspect.

Partial corona curfew with trace, test, treat and maximum vaccination in UP is believed to have a massive impact. In fact, to control the corona, the government had started aggressive testing, micro containment zones, micro management and treatment of monitoring committees in villages. Talking about the fresh corona cases in the state, only 729 active cases are left in Uttar Pradesh with a population of 25 crores. The total number of active cases in UP, many times more are coming to other states every day. In the last 24 hours, 22,064 new cases were reported in Kerala, 7,242 in Maharashtra, 2107 in Andhra Pradesh, 2052 in Karnataka and 1859 in Tamil Nadu.

9 districts including Aligarh, Amroha are corona free

On the other hand, UP has a recovery rate of 98.6 percent and a positivity rate of 0.02 percent, higher than the national average. In UP, more than two lakh 44 thousand samples have been tested in the last 24 hours. At the same time, only 42 new cases were found in UP, while 91 people were discharged. At the same time, it is a matter of relief that nine districts of UP, Aligarh, Amroha, Basti, Etah, Hathras, Kasganj, Kaushambi, Mahoba and Shravasti have become corona free. At the same time, not a single new case was found in 55 districts.

corona case single digit in 20 districts

At the same time, new cases have come in only one digit in 20 districts. With this, UP is the only state in the country to test more than six crore 52 lakh samples. Vaccination is also going on fast in the state. UP is also the first state to have more than four crore 67 lakh doses of vaccine. The government is also taking steps regarding the danger of third wave and corona infection among children. Free medicine kits are being given to the symptomatic children to elders in the state.