Conflict over a young man's murder in Agra

Conflict over a young man's murder in Agra

As a 28-year-old man was reportedly attacked and stabbed to death by eight persons late on Monday night in the sensitively-populated Rakabganj neighborhood, tensions erupted in Agra.

In order to avoid the situation from becoming worse after the murder, the police said they had sent troops from four adjacent districts in addition to members of the Provincial Armed Constabulary (PAC) and local police to the region.

Father of Abid Qureshi alias Musa, Mohammed Waqar Yunus, filed a FIR at the Rakabganj police station. In the FIR for the murder of his son, Yunus has identified Sanju, Titu, Vikram, Santoshi, Kallu, and Vikram, along with two other people.

The police said that they had already detained seven guys, including the six males included in the FIR.

"We received word that a victim had been discovered unconscious close to the railroad track that runs through the Mantola and Rakabganj neighborhoods. He was taken to the hospital and later declared dead. In the Rakabganj police station, a FIR has been filed in this matter against eight people. Six police teams are looking for additional people listed in the FIR while seven people have already been taken into custody, according to Agra's police commissioner Pritinder Singh.

According to Singh, after being shown in court, the detained individuals were booked and sent to prison.

"The situation is under control and extensive security precautions have been implemented in the impacted areas of the city. To prevent the situation from becoming worse, police patrols have been stepped up, the PRO informed the media.

The second of four brothers, Abid, worked at a shoe factory, according to his elder brother Nasir Qureshi.

He left the house at 6 p.m. on Monday, his day off, and when he didn't return home until the wee hours of the morning, we went looking for him. We later learned that the police had discovered a wounded guy close to the railroad tracks. We arrived quickly and found him, Qureshi continued.

"We hurried our kid to the government hospital, where the physicians demanded that we first file a police complaint before they would treat him. The hospital's physicians refused to treat my kid despite the fact that he was severely bleeding. He was later declared dead at the nursing home where we had taken him. My kid would be alive today if he had received prompt medical care, said Yunus.

Mantora and Rakabganj are sensitive communal zones in Agra where members of the Muslim and Hindu faiths reside in various locations. According to the authorities, the railway line that connects the two communities serves as a border and is also a popular hangout for local youths who gamble, drink, and use drugs.

While the reason for the murder is yet unknown, it has been reported that the deceased had a gambling addiction and owed money to residents of the other area. This could have been the motive for his murder. Our inquiry is ongoing, the policeman stated.

Another homicide in Mainpuri was the horrific stabbing to death of a 40-year-old laborer after a minor disagreement over the threshing of mustard seeds. On Tuesday afternoon, the event happened in the Gulabpura village, which is under the Kurawali police station.

Prempal Yadav (50), a local of the Jasrana police station in the Firozabad district's Nagla Amar Singh hamlet, used to do threshing job. He and a few of his coworkers had gone to Ankit's farm in Gulabpura village in Mainpuri to thresh mustard about a week earlier. On Tuesday, when he was threshing the mustard, three villagers—Govind, Omveer, and Golu—arrived and requested that Prempal first work in their fields. After a disagreement over this, Prempal was brutally murdered by all the accused.

Upon the receipt of the information, Circle Officer Sanjay Verma and Assistant Superintendent of Police Rajesh Kumar traveled to the scene with the rest of the police force and began looking for the suspect.

Likewise, on Monday night in Amethi, a sitting pradhan's brother and his family were assassinated. The dead were named as Suresh Yadav and Brijesh Yadav, and the tragedy occurred underneath the Musafirkhana police station.

Police officers arrived to the scene as soon as they learned about the double homicide, accompanied by reinforcements from many police stations. According to a police official, Suresh Yadav, a resident of Sangraha, his nephew Brijesh Yadav, and another person, Shubham Verma (a cousin of the dead), were traveling home in a vehicle when two motorcycle-riding criminals stopped them near Durga Master's kiln on the road and started shooting. When Shubham Verma managed to flee, two of them were slain there. The attackers left the scene after the event.

Both were declared dead by medical professionals after being transported by ambulance to Musafirkhana Community Health Center, according to authorities.

The village pradhan's brother accused the local government of being involved in the murder, claiming that it could have been the result of an election-related argument. After repeated requests for security and gun licenses from the government, nothing transpired. Security is something the government must provide.

A relative of the victim said, "There were a total of seven attackers, of whom I have recognized five.

Elamaran, the superintendent of police, arrived at the scene in the meantime and said that the suspect will be taken into custody shortly.