Delhi student stabbed during altercation while attempting to rescue teacher

Delhi student stabbed during altercation while attempting to rescue teacher

According to authorities, a 17-year-old pupil was stabbed while attempting to protect his instructor during a fight in Sangam Vihar, a neighborhood in south Delhi.

The student, named Abhishek, was taken to the AIIMS after suffering a head wound, according to the sources.

A D Mahesh, a resident of Sangam Vihar, operates a coaching center for pupils in classes I through XII, according to the police.

A 25-year-old man called Shishpal and a little child used to often create noise in front of the center.

They began making noise, insulting bystanders, and causing a disturbance on Monday as well, a senior police officer said.

Mahesh attempted to calm him down, but Shishpal began verbally insulting him and fighting with him. The officer said that when the pupils of the center saw this, they hurried outside to rescue their instructor.

The younger brother of Shishpal also arrived on the scene in a hurry with a knife, which he gave to the older brother. Police claim that Shishpal repeatedly stabbed a pupil called Abhishek in the head.

The sufferer passed out and hit the ground. He was taken to Majidia hospital, where Deputy Commissioner of Police (South) Chandan Chowdhary claimed he was then sent to AIIMS Taruma Center.

After the event, both brothers hurled stones from their terrace while running back inside their home.

No one was hurt, however, and the police arrived quickly and apprehended them, according to reports.

According to them, a complaint has been filed at the Sangam Vihar police station under sections 307 (attempt to kill), 506 (penalty for criminal intimidation), and 34 (common purpose) of the Indian Penal Code after Mahesh's statement was recorded.