Due to dense fog, a bus full of devotees overturned uncontrolled, and 22 people injured

Due to dense fog, a bus full of devotees overturned uncontrolled, and 22 people injured

A bus full of devotees overturned uncontrollably due to dense fog on Sunday morning near Lalita village of Chibramau Kotwali area of Kannauj district. It is being told that around 50 people were traveling in the bus at the time of the accident. As soon as the accident was informed, the police reached the spot, took out the trapped devotees in the bus, and admitted all the injured to Shayya Hospital for treatment.

About 22 people were injured in the accident

About 22 people were injured in this accident, whose treatment is going on at Chhibramau's Shayya Hospital. It is being told that all the people aboard the bus are residents of the Kannauj district and had gone to visit a temple in Firozabad and the accident happened while returning.

these people were injured

Alok s/o Rajkumar age 20 Nausara Tirwa, Kannauj, Sachin Yadav s/o Narendra Singh age 25 Tirwa district Kannauj, Vivek s/o Shiv Pal Singh age 18 Lakshirampur Bela district Auraiya, Durgesh s/o Netrapal age 28 Lachchiram Purva Bela district Auraiya, Basanti wife Rajaram age 7 r/o Mirgawa, Rita wife Ashish age 35 Mirgawan dist Kannauj, Rachna wife Pramod age 22 Jer Fort Chhibramau district Kannauj, Rishabh s/o Pramod age 2 yrs Jer Fort Chhibramau, Distt Kannauj,Pramod s/o Sobran Singh age 30 Jer Fort Chhibramau dist Kannauj, Annapurna wife Sobran Age 60 Jer Fort Chhibramau District Kannauj, Prince S/o Shri Krishna Age 50 Ramganj Gursahaiganj District Kannauj, Nanhi Devi Wife Ram Ladate Age 60 Gursahaiganj District Kannauj, Parshuram S/o Ram Ladate Age 27 Gursahaiganj District Kannauj, Pooja Wife Parshuram Age 23 Gursahaiganj Kannauj, Prince S/o Parshuram age 4 years Gursahaiganj district Kannauj, French daughter Parshuram age 1.5 years Gursahaiganj district Kannauj, Meena Devi wife Vinod Kumar age 50 Jalalabad district Kannauj, Anuradha wife Ashish age 26 Jalalabad district La Kannauj, Sheelu s/o Nagendra age 20 Tirva Distt Kannauj, Pushpa Devi wife Bhaiyalal age 50 Mahmadpur Kannauj, Umesh s/o Bhaiyalal age 30 Mahmadpur Kannauj.