Four people in Uttar Pradesh fall away after breathing in toxic gas while cleaning a septic tank

While cleaning a 15-year-old septic tank in the Chandauli neighborhood of Uttar Pradesh’s New Mahal, at least four people—three of them laborers—died from poisonous gas, according to a report released by news agency ANI on Thursday.

SDM Viraj Pandey commented on the event, saying, “At the house of one Bharat Jaiswal, the sewer was being cleaned. The son of the home owner and three laborers perished. According to ANI, the district administration would provide each of the departed Rs 4 lakhs ex gratia. Yogi Adityanath, the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh, acknowledged the occurrence and offered his sympathies to the families of the deceased. According to ANI, he has ordered authorities to be at the location as soon as possible and start the relief process quickly.

Two sanitation employees perished last week while maintaining a septic tank at a residential home in Noida Sector 26. After breathing in toxic gas from the tank, according to the police, they passed out. They were taken to a hospital, where medical professionals pronounced them dead.The two dead, Tapan Mandal (40) and Nooni Mandal (36), were from the Malda area of West Bengal and were related. Authorities stated they were residents of Noida Sector 9 slums.According to the police, one of the workers’ previous employers, a resident of A Block in Sector 26, phoned the two workers to ask them to clean the tank. According to the police, no agency was engaged.

Between 2018 and 2023, more than 400 individuals lost their lives while clearing septic tanks and sewers throughout the nation. Based on the statistics, Rajasthan accounted for the most number of fatalities in 2023 with ten instances, followed by Gujarat with nine, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu with seven each, West Bengal with three, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, and Haryana with two each, and Punjab and Jharkhand with one each.


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