Gang rape of 3-year-old girl accused sent the video to victim's father

Gang rape of 3-year-old girl accused sent the video to victim's father

A case of gang rape of a teenager has come to light in Mathura's Thana Jaint area. Four youths raped the girl. Also made a video of the incident, which was sent to the victim's father's mobile. The victim's father has filed a case against four named youths in the police station Jaint. Police are on the lookout for the accused.

The victim's father alleges that some youths from the town had lured his 13-year-old daughter away on the pretext of getting wood from the forest. After this, the accused threatened the girl by showing them pistols. He raped her in a house. The accused made a video of it and threatened him that if he opened his mouth, he would make the video viral.

Family members who came to see the video
A few days after the incident, the accused tried to take her daughter again by threatening to make the video viral. This time he refused to leave. On this, the accused sent this video to the victim's father and other relatives. The family members of the victim were shocked after seeing the video of the rape on mobile.

On Tuesday, the victim's father lodged a complaint against the accused at the Jaint police station. Based on this, the police have registered a case under gang rape, POCSO Act, and other sections. CO Sadar Praveen Kumar Malik said that a case is being registered and a search is on for the accused.

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