Gorakhpur Fertilizer Factory: If there is a leakage of ammonia, the water will start falling automatically, there will be no accident

Gorakhpur Fertilizer Factory: If there is a leakage of ammonia, the water will start falling automatically, there will be no accident

With the technology of America and Japan, the mind of the country has prepared a fertilizer factory worth eight thousand crore rupees. In the fertilizer factory of Hindustan Fertilizers and Rasayan Limited (HURL), no room has been left for any mistake of 10th June 1990. The machines have been installed keeping in mind the safety of officers, employees and citizens. Like in the year 1990, now if there is a leakage of ammonia, then the alarm of the machine will start sounding and the ammonia will be stopped in front of the place from where it is leaking. Immediately a splash of water will start falling on the ammonia and in a short time the ammonia leak will be brought under control.

The fertilizer factory of Hindustan Fertilizers and Chemicals Limited is built at a cost of eight thousand crores.

The Fertilizer Corporation of India (FCI) fertilizer factory was established on 20 April 1968 by the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. Since then, the fertilizer factory continued for 22 years. The fertilizer factory had once become synonymous with the prosperity of Gorakhpur and its surroundings. Be it the arrangement of accommodation for the officers and employees working in the fertilizer factory or the school for the children, everything was wonderful. People used to visit the fertilizer factory and the people living there to see the high standard of living.

accident has happened

On 10 June 1990, suddenly ammonia started leaking in the fertilizer factory. The leak could not be stopped for a long time due to lack of technology update. As a result, one employee died. After this, the movement started at the local level to make the fertilizer factory more secure. After that the factory could never run. In the year 2002, the central government had to announce its closure. With the efforts of then MP and now Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, on 22 July 2016, Prime Minister Narendra Modi laid the foundation stone of the fertilizer factory.

everything automatic

In HURL, the entire process of making urea, making urea and packing it in sacks and filling it in railway rakes is automatic. The fertilizer factory management has already prepared a network for the sale of neem coated urea. The compost factory has been constructed at a cost of Rs.8,000 crore.

This machine has come from America-Japan

Carbamate Condenser- The length of the machine is 29.9 m, width is 6.5 m and height is 5.9 m. The weight of the machine is 521 tons.

Ammonia Converter- The length of the machine is 36 m, width is 6.5 m and height is 5.61 m. The weight of this machine is 574 tons. It is the heaviest and longest machine.

Urea Stripper - The length of the machine is 15.7 m, width is 6.5 m and height is 5.9 m. The weight of this machine is 361 tonnes.

Urea Reactor- The length of the machine is 27.4 m, width is 6.5 m and height is 5.4 m. This machine is of 352 tonnes.

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In KGMU, CM Yogi said – run away from Corona and do not panic, will face the third wave firmly

In KGMU, CM Yogi said – run away from Corona and do not panic, will face the third wave firmly

Lucknow. Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath inspected the Kovid preparations at KGMU on Sunday. During this, he said that people should run away from Corona and do not panic, but face it boldly. Take the first, second, and booster doses of your vaccine on time. Follow covid protocol. The way we faced the second wave, we will fight the third wave as strongly.

Appreciating the vaccination campaign in UP, the Chief Minister said that a very good vaccination drive is going on in the state. It is playing a huge role in reducing the effect of the third wave. The state that gives the highest dosage and tests inside the country is UP. We have done nine crores 61 lakh tests so far. Monitoring committees are functioning in every gram panchayat. Their job is to go door to door and do the screening. Marking the person and giving the medicine kit. The rapid response team investigates them. Home isolation is given when there are no symptoms and there is a facility to stay at home or be admitted to the hospital in case of seriousness. Monitoring and movement are taken from the Integrated Kovid Control Command System. When there is a problem, the team goes and investigates. Oxygen level is also taken. There was some problem with oxygen in the state during the second wave. Today we have given oxygen in every district with the inspiration of Prime Minister Modi. has arranged. More than 558 oxygen plants are active. Oxygen facility is available in every district. There have been 36 oxygen plant sanctions in Lucknow. 19 are active. Apart from SGPGI, Balrampur, Lohia, KGMU, big hospitals are also providing oxygen facilities in CHCs. The situation is completely under control.

CM Yogi said that there is an appeal to the people of the state not to panic due to Corona. Face it by following the corona protocol. KGMU has 350 beds with ventilators. The rest is oxygenated. There are 35 recruits here. Of these, only four are on ventilators. Rest are in normal condition. Our corona management team is doing a good job. This model was appreciated in the country and the world. Only with vigilance and caution can we face this pandemic. Avoid going to crowded places. Children, the elderly, pregnant women especially have to be protected. Wear a mask in public places. Those who did not get the vaccine, take them. For those who have taken the first, it is time for the second, so take them. Those whose time has come for the booster dose also take them, then the corona epidemic will not harm them. The way we faced the other web with the inspiration of PM Modi in collaboration with the Government of India,

SP gave tickets to rioters:

During this, when questions were asked by the journalists on ticket distribution, the CM said that the BJP released the first list yesterday. She is a symbol of social justice. In this, different sections of society have been given representation. Whoever has seen the list of Bharatiya Janata Party, they are seen doing Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas according to the party's slogan. At the same time, people have also seen the list of the Samajwadi Party. Giving tickets to the rioters of Kairana and Muzaffar Nagar exposes the character of the SP and the alliance. The real form of SP and its alliance is to exploit power by bringing these professional mafias and criminals to power. The public has recognized them.

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