Hindu Side Files Petition in Gyanvapi Case, Asking District Court to Uphold “Vyas Ka Tehkhana”

Varanasi: The Hindu side has submitted a petition to the Varanasi District Court, asking it to preserve the “Vyas Ka Tehkhana” (cellar), where the Hindus have been worshiping since the court’s ruling in January. This is the most recent development in the Gyanvapi issue.

Attorney Vishnu Shankar Jain, speaking on behalf of the Hindu community, said that Muslims are always trying to “demolish” the temple by offering “namaz.”

A significant development has occurred in Gyanvapi subsequent to the directive issued on January 31, 2024, by the district court of Varanasi. Following that directive, Muslim community members who perform daily “namaz” there have made persistent efforts to destroy the basement, according to Advocate Jain, who was speaking to ANI.

He said that a lot of Muslims are coming to the location to perform “Namaz,” which he stated is done in an effort to destroy the roof and halt the “Puja.”

“They are approaching the set cellar in large numbers in order to destroy the roof and thereby put an end to the ‘pooja.'” Thus, they represent the endeavors undertaken by the Muslim populace. We have submitted a plea to the Varanasi district court requesting that the namazis’ access be confined to the area above the basement ceiling, according to Vishnu Shankar Jain.

In addition, he said, “The repair work has to be done in the set cellar to allow the ‘pooja,’ which the court has ordered, to proceed without any problems.”

Following the findings of the ASI research, which revealed evidence of a Hindu temple at the location, the Varanasi district court on January 31 permitted the Hindu side to say prayers in the southern crypt of Gyanvapi mosque.

A revision appeal was then filed at Allahabad High Court by the Masjid Intezamia Committee of the Gyanvapi mosque in Varanasi, challenging the Varanasi District Court’s ruling permitting Hindus to offer prayers within the mosque’s southern celler. Nonetheless, the High Court rejected the same.

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