In the mysterious Dhobia Ashram of Hardoi, where the stream of water continuously emanates from the Shivling

In the mysterious Dhobia Ashram of Hardoi, where the stream of water continuously emanates from the Shivling

Dhobia Ashram has its importance on the map of the Hardoi district of Uttar Pradesh. The ashram is a center of spiritual reverence for its idyllic surroundings, natural beauty, natural water emanating from the ground as well as the mysterious water emanating from the top of the Shivling. Now due to the efforts of the district administration, the tourist destination has also been declared.

The distance of this place from the district headquarters is about 35 kilometers, which takes about an hour to reach by car. This is a wild area encompassing natural beauty in itself. The water stream has been flowing in the middle of the forest for centuries, which further joins the river Gomti. Writer Atul Kapoor told that Dhobia Ashram is the tapobhoomi of Dhaumya Rishi. The Shivling located here is worshiped by the Pandavas. It is mentioned in many Puranas. Dhaumya Rishi did penance at the place of Naimish Kshetra. These sages are considered to be involved in the penance of 84 thousand sages. He was the total guru priest of the Pandavas.

Tourists come in lakhs
Let us tell that this area around Naimisharanya is a center of religious and spiritual attraction. The dense forest of Dhobia Ashram on the banks of river Gomti is beautiful and scenic. Lakhs of tourists keep coming here. Just a few days ago, the great saint Nepali Baba, who was looking after the ashram, took samadhi. City Magistrate of Hardoi, Dr. Sadanand Gupta told that according to mythological beliefs and articles, the water source found in Dhobia Ashram has a Mahabharata period history.

Lord Krishna had asked for a donation from Karna
Legend has it that in the Mahabharata period when Karna was breathing his last on earth after Arjuna's arrow, Lord Krishna came to Karna to ask for donations in the form of a Brahmin to test him. Then Danveer Karna took out gold from his teeth and donated it to them, which God had declared impure and refused to take it.

The former District Magistrate had done the renovation
Then Karna pierced the earth with an arrow and found a source of water. From then till today this water source is running continuously without stopping. This water source is cool and pure. Apart from the district, tourists from far and wide keep coming here to see the mystery of this water source and the water emanating from the Shivling, and the captivating shade of the forest. Former District Magistrate Pulkit Khare had done a lot of work in this area. He got it renovated here. Since then till today this area is under the protection of the administration.

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