Karnataka Man ‘Rapes’ UP Woman and Orders Her to ‘Change Religion’. Next Conceives Her To Abort A Five-Month Fetus

An Uttar Pradesh police officer in Lucknow has received a complaint from a lady who claims she was sexually assaulted by a guy she was compelled to marry after being pressured to convert to a different faith. The woman claimed in her lawsuit that she was tricked by her abuser to abort the five-month-old pregnancy she had conceived as a consequence of being raped.

The Times of India said that the lady lives in Lucknow. She spent almost seven years working in Bahrain before meeting the accused, Saifuddin, a citizen of Karnataka.

While working in Bahrain, the lady informed authorities that she became close to Saifuddin, and one day he sexually assaulted her.

“I reported someone there for rape. I got five months pregnant as a consequence of the rape, and Saifuddin and his family convinced me to drop the complaint while the case was being investigated.” The woman’s complaint was cited by the TOI.

She said that she was under pressure from the accused and his family to convert from Hinduism to Islam and be married to him.

“I married Saifuddin on February 13, 2024, in accordance with Islamic law. Eventually, Saifuddin conned me into traveling to Mumbai for a check-up, and I was checked into a hospital where the five-month-old baby was covertly terminated, she said.

In addition to Saifuddin, the lady claimed that his family members and ex-fiance had harassed her for the dowry. She said that after being brought to Saifuddin’s home in Beedar, Karnataka, she was subjected to psychological and physical abuse by his older brother, his previous fiancée, Monika, and other family members.

Meanwhile, police have opened a complaint against each and every accused person for harassment relating to dowries.

Saifuddin is still unaccounted for; therefore, police are searching for him, according to the article.

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