Meerut Weather Today: Trees fell due to rain and storm in West UP, damage to crops, see photos

Meerut Weather Today: Trees fell due to rain and storm in West UP, damage to crops, see photos

 Strong winds and rain in Meerut and adjoining districts since Monday morning changed the mood of the weather. While on one hand this rain brought relief amid the scorching heat, people had to face difficulties due to the strong winds uprooting trees etc. at many places. Power supply has also been affected at some places. The weather is likely to remain like this for the whole day on Monday. In Meerut, parents arrived in the middle of the rain to drop their children off the school.

The temperature drops but the lights go off

In Baghpat district, the weather has become cold due to rain and strong wind since late Sunday night. There has been a drop in temperature. Where earlier the minimum temperature was 28 degree Celsius, it reached 23 degree Celsius on Monday. At the same time, due to rain and strong wind, there has been a power outage since Sunday night. Repairing broken electrical wires since Monday morning. Amar Singh, Executive Engineer, Energy Corporation said that the power system will be made smooth soon.

damage to mango

On the other hand, mango growers have suffered a lot due to strong wind. Mango grower Javed told that due to the storm and strong wind, the raw mangoes have fallen from the trees and fell down. Due to this the mango crop has been damaged. Apart from this, children of public schools had to go to school getting wet in the rain.

Due to the rains, water logging has occurred at many places in urban and rural areas. Due to waterlogging in Sisana on the Delhi-Yamunotri Highway, the drivers had to face trouble. At the same time, the construction work of Meerut Highway has stopped.

trouble to people

It is also raining with strong winds in Muzaffarnagar district. Half the city's electricity supply is stalled due to wind. Due to non-availability of electricity, people are facing the problem of water supply to their homes through tubewells of the municipality. While in Saharanpur, tin sheds were uprooted due to strong wind on Monday morning, while trees fell on the roads at many places. Tree has fallen due to wind on Dehradun Highway.

Crop damage to vegetables

It has been raining in Shamli since around 5 in the morning with strong wind. Completely relieved from the scorching heat. There is little damage to the mango crop due to strong wind. The rains have been fine so far, which can damage the crop to the vegetables. Because vegetable crop requires light irrigation. At the same time, the power system has also been affected. 

Heavy rain accompanied by strong thunderstorms increased the coolness in the weather

Bijnor: Due to cold strong wind and strong storm in Nagina area, heavy rain started at 3:30 am on Monday. Due to the rains, the weather has increased, due to which the common man has got relief from the heat, but there has been increased restlessness among the farmers doing mango horticulture. The mango crop is likely to fall in large quantities due to the strong storm that came with the rains. There was a sudden change in the weather since early morning, due to which heavy rain started in the area with strong wind and thunderstorms. After heavy rains, many places and fields in the city including Ramlila Bagh ground were waterlogged. Due to the strong storm, the mango crop on the trees fell down to a great extent. Mango growers Mordhwaj, Devraj etc. say that they have a mango orchard in about 100 bighas.

mango fell down

So far, three big storms have come in the area, due to which about 20-25 percent of the mango trees in his garden fell down due to these storms. Due to the small size of mango, this mango has no value in the market at this time. When taken to the market, this mango is going at a very low price. According to Satish Kumar of the Agricultural Research Meteorological Observatory located in Nagina, due to the bad weather in the mountainous areas, there is a possibility of heavy change in the weather and further rain with strong wind. He said that till 7:30 am, 29 mm of rainfall was recorded in the region while the minimum temperature was recorded at 17.4 degrees Celsius, a drop of 2.2 degrees Celsius in comparison to Sunday.

rain with thunder in bulandshahr

On Monday, the weather took a turn in Bulandshahr and it started drizzling with less thunder in the morning. The wind speed was less than expected and winds were blowing at a speed of 16 km per hour. Seeing the rising clouds in Basman, it is being speculated that the weather is expected to remain like this for the next 24 hours. The temperature has dropped significantly due to drizzle. The temperature in the morning is 28 °C. Agriculture Meteorologist Ramanand Patel said that according to the forecast, it started drizzling 12 hours earlier. There is a strong chance of rain on 24 and 25 May.

Weather changed due to strong wind and rain

Meerut: Rain and strong winds have changed the mood of the weather. Late in the night the weather had started changing. Later in the morning it rained drizzling. By 8:30 am, it had rained 26 mm. I have recorded good rain for the second time. In the normal days of May, the temperature, reaching up to 25 degrees by 9:00 pm, remained shriveled at 18 degrees. These weather activities are likely to continue till Tuesday

Fault in 8 places due to strong wind, half of Ganganagar power cut

Due to strong wind in Ganganagar area of ​​Meerut on Monday morning, half of Ganganagar's power went out. There were 4 faults in the supply of Ganganagar second power station and 4 in the current line from Ganganagar first power station. Due to the closure of Gangasagar feeder from around 6 am, the lights of many colonies are off. SDO Ganganagar Rakesh Kumar told that a twig came on the power line in Ganga Vatika Colony. which is being removed. At the same time, a tree branch fell at 33KV in Kaseru Buxar. Which was removed shortly after. Electricity supply of Kaseru Buxar was restored.

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Stone-firing after a fight between two parties, nine people were injured, the dispute is 30 years old

Stone-firing after a fight between two parties, nine people were injured, the dispute is 30 years old

On Monday, in village Nathua of Mujaria police station area of ​​Badaun, there was stone pelting and firing between two sides of different communities after a fight over land. Nine people are injured in this. In which the condition of one is said to be critical. All the injured have been sent to the district hospital. However, none of the parties has lodged an FIR yet. Police have been deployed in the village regarding the matter.

There is a dispute going on for 30 years between two parties of different communities regarding two and a half bigha land in Nathua village, but this matter has not been resolved yet. The case regarding this land is pending in the Bareilly Commissioner's Court. According to the villagers, there have been many disputes between the two sides regarding this land. The police station has given a bond to both of them. On Monday, the two sides again came face to face. It is said that first the women from both sides started abusing each other, and after that, the men of their family also came out with sticks and sticks and got beaten up. They threw stones at each other. One side also opened fire.

Mahavir, Geetam, Paan Singh, Vinita, Durvesh, Umesh, and Sonpal Singh on one side and two people on the other side were injured in this fight and stone-pelting. Mahavir's condition remains critical in this. The clash between the two sides went on for about an hour. Till then the police did not reach the spot. Later, Mujaria police and CO Sahaswan Chandrapal Singh reached the village, then the injured were sent to the district hospital somewhere. So far no party has come to the police station and filed a complaint. Police have been deployed in the village.

Police force deployed in the village
Regarding the matter, CO Sahaswan Chandrapal Singh says that till now no complaint has been received from any side in this matter. Further action will be taken on receipt of the complaint. Police have been deployed in the village for security.

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