Ongoing rescue efforts at the collapsed building site in Lucknow

Ongoing rescue efforts at the collapsed building site in Lucknow

Since a multi-story building collapsed in Lucknow on Tuesday evening, rescuers from several agencies have been working around the clock, but the likelihood of finding any survivors in the rubble is dwindling by the minute.

Two ladies have been confirmed killed, including the mother and wife of a Samajwadi Party spokesman, while two more persons are still thought to be buried beneath the rubble. So far, over a dozen individuals have been saved and taken to hospitals.

In the Hazratganj neighborhood of the nation's capital, the five-story Alaya Apartments fell Tuesday night.

Senior authorities are in charge of the rescue effort while members of the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) and State Disaster Response Force (SDRF) are actively involved.

D S Chauhan, the acting director general of police (DGP), went to the scene and gave a press briefing on the rescue effort.

To prevent casualties, rescue workers are using the greatest care and avoiding the use of heavy equipment.

The Tuesday evening-closed access routes to the structure were reopened, but no one was permitted to enter the area.

According to a member of the SDRF, the chances of extracting any survivors from the rubble are becoming less by the second.

Uzma Haider, 30, and Begum Haider, 87, the mother and wife of Samajwadi Party spokesman Abbas Haider, were named among the dead. They were extricated from the rubble, but eventually passed away.

Shahid Manzoor, the head of the Samajwadi Party, had donated the site to a builder, and the building, known as the Alaya Apartments, was built there.

Arman Khan and Ravidas Mehrotra, both SP MLAs, visited the scene and urged the media that the guilty should face harsh punishment.

"In the basement, there was digging happening. A investigation should be opened, and any found guilty should face harsh punishment. It's a very severe situation, and those who messed with people's lives should be held accountable "Mehrotra, an SP MLA, stated.

When it was brought out that his party leader owned the property on which the apartment was built, Mehrotra said, "This is not a question of party and strong action should be done." The formation of a three-person committee to investigate the event and provide a report within a week was mandated by Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath.

In the meanwhile, according to a government statement released here on Wednesday, the Hazratganj area's multi-story building's constructor and owners will face legal action.