Prayagraj: The accused used to take three thousand rupees from IPL bookies for the room, STF arrested 6

Prayagraj: The accused used to take three thousand rupees from IPL bookies for the room, STF arrested 6

 STF has taken a big action against the betting gang in IPL 2022. Taking action, the STF has arrested six including the kingpin of the IPL betting gang from Tagore Town. During the investigation, a register was found from the spot of STF, in which the names of many bookies are registered. The arrested people told the STF during interrogation that Dharmendra Singh played the main role in feeding bets. He used to charge three thousand rupees per day for the room provided for playing betting.

Police engaged in the arrest of Dharmendra

The main accused Dharmendra Kumar Singh is absconding since the arrest of six bookies from Tagore Town for betting in IPL. Police is raiding from place to place regarding his arrest. At the same time, Dharmendra's mobile is being switched off after the incident. Which the police are also facing problem in tracing his location. At the same time, the gang leader Vikas Kesarwani resident Sarvodaya Nagar Allapur told during interrogation that he had a phone conversation with Dharmendra Singh at around six in the evening. He had said to come after two days and take Rs. But he did not come to take the money.

STF arrested these people

It is worth mentioning that by raiding in Tagore town of Prayagraj city, STF has raided Vikas Kesarwani resident Sarvodaya Nagar Allapur, Amber Yadav alias Saurabh resident Fatehpur Nettle Tagore Town, Shubhendra Pratap Singh resident Sangam Bihar Colony Kharkauni Naini, Himanshu Shivhare alias Abhishek resident Subhash Nagar Gadiva, Thana Kotwali, District Fatehpur, Ranjit Yadav alias Golu resident Fatehpur Nettle Tagore Town and Shivam Chaurasia resident Sajan Gali Phaphamau Bazar were arrested. In this, Vikas is the kingpin of Kesarwani gang.

Amber Yadav is the manager of the gang and Shubhendra and Himanshu are associates. Ranjit Yadav and Shivam Chaurasia used to collect money from the speculators. Up police is also looking for other accused on the basis of the register. At the same time, the phone number of Dharmendra, who gave the room on rent, is getting switched off. Police is also trying its best to arrest Dharmendra. So that the matter can be fully exposed.

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Seeing the cruelty, the doctors who did the post-mortem also trembled, if there had been one or two more blows, Shivam's neck would have been separated from the body.

Seeing the cruelty, the doctors who did the post-mortem also trembled, if there had been one or two more blows, Shivam's neck would have been separated from the body.

In the double murder case on Friday in Brahmapuri locality of Sushil Nagar, Agra, the police on Saturday produced the accused husband Gaurav, brother-in-law Abhishek, father-in-law Madan, and mother-in-law Neelam and sent them to jail. Pooja's mother Indra Devi has filed a case against them under the sections of murder, dowry murder, and dowry harassment. Two sticks and banks used in the murder have been recovered. Indra Devi of Dundipura in Iradatnagar told that it had been six years of Pooja's marriage. The in-laws used to taunt and beat them for low dowry. There was harassment for five lakh rupees and a car. Panchayat was also held many times but the in-laws did not agree. A complaint was lodged at the police station on April 10. The husband had taken him home after resigning. Mausi's mother-in-law's son Shivam used to help Pooja. gave us information. Shivam was called under a conspiracy and he was murdered with banks and sticks. The incident is captured in the CCTV footage.

SSP Sudhir Kumar Singh said that two Tahrirs were received in connection with the murder. One of them was from Pooja's mother and the other from Shivam's family members. The event is the same. So both were included in a trial. A case has been registered for murder and dowry death.

Pooja's husband, father-in-law, and brother-in-law were already apprehended. Mother-in-law Neelam was also arrested on Saturday. Two more are nominated. His involvement is being probed. In the preliminary investigation, the matter of friendship between Pooja and Shivam has come to the fore for the murder. Evidence is being collected right now.

Gaurav's brother Abhishek crossed the limits of cruelty while killing Shivam. It is clearly visible in the CCTV footage that one of the accused inflicted 25 blows on Shivam one after the other. Even after his breathing stopped, he kept on attacking her. Shivam came by scooter. As soon as he arrived, all three surrounded him. Seeing himself surrounded by Gaurav's house, Shivam ran outside, the accused also ran after him, hitting him with sticks from behind.

He falls at the turn of the street. The incident was captured in a CCTV camera installed outside a house at the turn itself. It is seen that the three accused attacked Shivam with sticks and banks. He tried to get up, but after being hit on the head, arm, and stomach while lying on the ground, could not get up again. It is seen in the CCTV that Shivam is lying on the ground, there is no movement in his body.

Even after this, one of the accused, with a bank in his hand, hit him hard on his neck, stomach, and hand. He does six to seven blows on the neck at a time, then three blows. Even after this, it does not stop. Four more hits. After this, the three accused go towards the house. Similarly, they take the life of worship. During this, six-seven people including a child were standing outside the houses.

The post-mortem of the bodies of Shivam and Pooja was done by a panel of two doctors on Saturday. Shivam had several injuries on his body and several blows on the neck with a bank. Shivam's neck was stuck in the torso, had there been one or two more blows, the neck would have been separated from the body. Bank had severe injuries on Pooja's head and back, which led to her death. There are also injuries with sticks.

Abhishek told the police that he had bought the bank ten days ago for Rs 250. Because of working in silver, sticks were used. It was from them that the murder was carried out.

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