Ramnagar Ki Ramlila: After killing Dashanan, Maryada Purushottam hoisted the victory flag, and the royal ride came out with elegance

Ramnagar Ki Ramlila: After killing Dashanan, Maryada Purushottam hoisted the victory flag, and the royal ride came out with elegance

Shri Ram finally killed Ravana, immersed in the ego and ego, and liberated the gods and sages from the demonic rule of Ravana. Incarnate Lord Shri Ram in the form of Maryada Purushottam, through his human pastimes, made people believe that Dharma always triumphs and Adharma is destroyed. In the world-famous Ramlila going on in Ramnagar on Tuesday, Ravana's sleeping on the death bed on the battlefield and the Leela of Shri Ram Vijay was staged.

On the 26th day of the world-famous Ramlila, Ravana's unconsciousness ends and he finds himself in his palace and curses him for driving away his charioteer from the ground. When Ravana does not die in spite of many blows from Shri Ram due to his elusive war, Vibhishana tells Rama that there is nectar in Ravana's navel kund. Amidst the rain of arrows, Shri Ram disturbs Ravana by shooting an arrow into his heart. Then, by hitting an arrow into the navel, they end Ravana's delusion. Seeing Vibhishana sad after the death of Ravana, Shri Ram asks him to perform the last rites of Ravana.

Vibhishana burns Ravana's dead body by giving fire to Ravana at the prescribed time of the night. In the Leela, a huge effigy of Ravana was burnt in the form of a symbol of the dead body. There is happiness everywhere in Devlok and Bhulok. The entire Lanka land reverberates with the cheers of Shri Ram and it is here that Leela is rested after the aarti.

Traditionally Mani Vijayadashmi in Ramnagar Fort

The festival of Vijayadashami was celebrated in a majestic and traditional manner in Ramnagar fort on Tuesday. According to tradition, Anant Narayan Singh sat on worship on the day of Dashami Tithi. In the midst of the Vedic chants of the four learned Brahmins of the four Vedas, they worshiped weapons according to law. After the worship, the soldiers of the 36th Vahini PAC saluted. After that, the royal court of Anant Narayan Singh was held. Where Musahib Shah Bano associated with the court offered him a tribute. The women belonging to the royal family took their eyes off him. After that, after visiting the temples located in the fort, at around 4.19 pm, the ride of Anant Narayan Singh in the royal dress came out on the fort-equipped elephants with full pomp.

As soon as he came out of the fort of the ride, the people present hailed Har Har Mahadev by pronouncing him. Anant Narayan Singh also accepted the greetings of the people with folded hands. On reaching the royal ride Batau Veer, Anant Narayan Singh worshiped and circumambulated the Shami tree as per the tradition.

Ravana's funeral takes place in Ramnagar

Ravana's effigy is burnt on Dussehra across the country, but Ravana's last rites are performed in Ramnagar. In Ramlila, since everything is based on the mind, according to the context, Vibhishana and some relatives of Ravana take five rounds of Ravana's effigy with fire.

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