Ravana will burn in Lucknow tomorrow for the destruction of religious separatism and conversion, know Vijayadashami and Vijay Muhurta

Ravana will burn in Lucknow tomorrow for the destruction of religious separatism and conversion, know Vijayadashami and Vijay Muhurta

Aishbagh Ramlila effigy of 80 feet high Ravana will be burnt at 8 pm on Friday at Ramlila Maidan. Ramlila Committee President Harishchandra Agrawal told that Ravan Deputy Chief Minister Dr. Dinesh Sharma will burn the destruction of religious separatism and transmigration. Mayor Sanyukta Bhatia, Urban Development Minister Ashutosh Tandon and Law and Justice Minister Brajesh Pathak will participate in the combustion.

After staging Ramlila, now the effect of corona is visible even in Ravana Dahan. Convenor Aditya Dwivedi told that the entry of general audience will be prohibited after 7 pm. There will be combustion with fireworks. Shiv Kumar, director of Mausamganj Ramlila Committee of Daliganj, told that the small effigy will be burnt. Ravana Dahan, which takes place every year at a dozen places, will be held at only a few places this time. There will be no Ravan Dahan in Kalyanpur, HAL and RDSO in LDA Colony and Alambagh of Kanpur Road. 

Prayer will be from Om Brahmin Sabha: On  Dussehra on behalf of Om Brahmin Mahasabha, wishes for a corona free society will be made with special chanting. Founder Dhananjay Dwivedi told that at three o'clock in the afternoon Parashuram ji will be worshipped in the square under the guidance of patron Anurag Pandey. Along with safety measures to avoid corona infection, people of the society will be involved in the worship.

Ravana's effigy will burn here 

  • Ramlila Maidan Chinhat at 7 pm
  • Big Jugauli Ramlila Maidan Gomtinagar at 7 pm
  • Ramlila Stagecraft Ground, Sadar at 7 pm
  • Mausamganj Ramlila Maidan Daliganj at 7 pm
  • Ramlila Maidan Aishbagh at 8 pm
  • Khadra near Pakkapul at 8 pm

Vijayadashami and Vijay Muhurta:  Acharya Shaktidhar Tripathi told that Ashwin Shukla Dashami is celebrated as Vijayadashami or Dussehra. Sri Rama's victory in Lanka and Maa Durga's Mahishasur Mardini incarnation took place on Dashami, hence it is also called Vijayadashami. This festival marks the victory of good over evil. On this day there is a self-fulfilling Abujha Muhurta. It is auspicious to start any new work. There is a tradition of burning effigies of Ravana, Meghnad and Kumbhakarna on this day. Acharya SS Nagpal told that the sight of Neelkanth bird is considered very auspicious. This is a big festival of Kshatriyas. On this day, there is a law to worship weapons and weapons in Vijay Muhurta. Worship of Maa Durga, Lord Shri Ram, Aparajita Puja, and Shami Puja are performed.

On Friday afternoon, Jaya and Vijayadevi are worshiped along with Aparajita Devi in ​​the northeast. There is also a law to worship the Shami tree. Acharya Anand Dubey told that the value of Dashami date is from 9:53 pm on October 14 to 8:22 pm on October 15. Vijaya Muhurta is from 1:47 pm to 2:33 pm on October 15. Worshiping Aparajita Devi, worshiping Shami tree and doing boundary violation deeds (entering enemy territory) from 1:01 am to 3:20 pm will be auspicious. Acharya Arun Kumar Mishra told that during the Mahabharata period, Arjuna had kept his bow on a Shami tree at the time of his exile and took a job with King Virat in the guise of greatness. After that Arjuna lifted his weapon from the Shami tree and conquered the enemies. At the time of Lord Ramachandra's ascent to Lanka, the Shami tree declared the victory of Ramachandra, That is why Shami is worshiped during the Vijay period. Umesh Patil of Marathi Samaj told that weapons will be worshipped.

Readymade Ravan started selling, waiting for buyer:  If you want to burn an effigy of Ravan around your house, then you can get Ravan of your choice made by contacting the timber store of your area. There is a market for Ravana's effigies near the Utretiya railway bridge of Rae Bareli Road. The cost of the smallest (five feet) effigy in Utretia is Rs 800 to 1000. On order, a 20 feet effigy will be available for two to eight thousand rupees. However, till now the number of takers with the shopkeepers is very less. Sunil, who sells an effigy of Ravana on Daliganj Bansmandi Road, says that this time the price has increased due to the cost of bamboo. Last year, the bamboo of 25 feet which was in 800 rupees has become one thousand rupees this time.

  • Like Ravana, so price
  • five feet 800-1000
  • seven feet 1500-2500
  • 10 feet 3500-5000
  • 20 feet 2000 to 8000

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Meerut: After Major subjects, CBSE has now released datesheet of minor subjects

Meerut: After Major subjects, CBSE has now released datesheet of minor subjects

 After releasing the datesheet of major subjects for the term-one exam of this session by CBSE, now the datesheet of minor subjects has also been released. According to the information given earlier by CBSE, the datesheet of minor subjects has been sent to the schools. The exams for the minor subjects will be conducted by the schools in the school itself before the major subjects.

Minor subjects class 12 exam 16 and class 10 exam from 17 November

Minor subjects prescribed by CBSE are taught in different regions across the country. So not all exams will be held in every district. The examination for the same subjects will be conducted in the district in which the subject is taught. In the examination of minor subjects, class 12th examination is starting on November 16 and class 10th examination is starting on November 17. The 10th class exam will end on 7th December. The last paper of the 12th examination will be held on December 30. After November 17, the datesheet for class X minor subjects will have papers on November 18, 20, 22, 23, 25, 27, 29 a

The number of minor subjects in class XII is very high

The minor subjects of class XII are very high. Their exams will start on November 16, followed by November 17, 18, 22, 23, 25, 26, 27, 29, 30 and will be held on December 2, 3, 4 and 6. This will be followed by a long break and then the papers of minor subjects will be held on December 23, 27, 28, 29 and 30. CBSE has prepared the datesheet of minor subjects by incorporating the datesheet of major subjects. There will be examinations for class XII major subjects along with the paper of minor subjects of class X. At the same time, along with the minor subjects of class XII, there will be an examination for the major subjects of class X. For the examination of minor subjects CBSE will send the question paper, but the examination will be conducted entirely by the school management.

CBSE extended the exam time by one hour in the morning

Due to winter season, CBSE has extended the exam time by one hour in the morning. Now instead of starting from 10:30 am, the exam will start at 11:30 am. Apart from this, the detailed information related to the examination for the students will be in the admit card. Apart from the admit card, information will be provided by the school and CBSE from time to time. 

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