Sambhal cold storage owners from Uttarakhand are in custody in the U.P

Sambhal cold storage owners from Uttarakhand are in custody in the U.P

According to a senior official, police have detained the two proprietors of the cold storage facility where a roof fall caused 14 deaths and several injuries.

He said that the two were taken into custody in Uttarakhand's Haldwani district.

According to authorities, 24 persons were extricated from the debris of the collapsed building on Indira Road inside the boundaries of Chandausi police station, and 14 of them perished.

A committee has been established by the chief minister to look into what caused the Thursday collapse.

Ankur and Rohit Agarwal, the proprietors of the cold storage, have been detained in Haldwani, according to Sambhal District Magistrate Manish Bansal's statement to PTI on Saturday.

On Thursday, police filed a complaint against Ankur and Rohit under Section 304A of the Indian Criminal Code (causing death by carelessness).

The roof collapsed only three months ago without the required administrative approval, and there were more potatoes kept in the cold storage than was allowed, according to the police.

The state government has announced ex-gratia payments of Rs 2 lakh apiece for the surviving family members of the dead, Rs 50,000 for those in critical condition, and free medical care for everyone hurt in the tragedy.

The investigation group, which includes the DIG of Moradabad and is headed by a divisional commissioner, has been ordered by the government to present its findings as soon as possible.

Sambhal is roughly 158 kilometres from Delhi and 350 km from state capital Lucknow.