Shiver will leave again in UP, know the weather condition of Lucknow-Noida-Purvanchal

Shiver will leave again in UP, know the weather condition of Lucknow-Noida-Purvanchal

The weather is changing rapidly in the plains of the country. A drop in temperature is also being recorded in Uttar Pradesh. But, looking at the records of the past years, that kind of cold is not seen in the first week of December. Let us tell you that there is no hope of a severe cold in UP in the coming days. According to the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD), the situation in the plains has remained normal due to the lack of effect of dry and sea winds. Except for the areas along the river, canal, and pond, the major effect of fog has not yet been seen in the remaining part.

Normal fog is visible over Uttar Pradesh since evening. According to IMD, the people of UP will have to wait for another 15 days for the severe cold. Winter has started this year but till now there is no sign of rain.

Know how will be the temperature of Lucknow?

The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) says that the effect of the strong Western Disturbance is yet to be seen. For this reason, there is no possibility of rain in the coming days as well. In such a situation, the day temperature will be higher than normal. In the state capital Lucknow, in the first week of December, it will be 2-3 degrees higher than normal. Generally, the maximum temperature during this time remains around 23-24 degree Celsius. The minimum temperature of the capital is close to normal. At this time the minimum temperature of Lucknow is 10 to 11 degree Celsius. On Sunday also the temperature will be around this.

Visibility in Lucknow on Sunday

The capital Lucknow recorded a maximum temperature of 26 degrees Celsius and a minimum of 12 degrees Celsius on Saturday. Let us tell you, the temperature has remained like this for the last 10-12 days. Sometimes the mercury is going up by one degree and sometimes it is going down by two degrees. On Sunday (December 04) also, the weather is expected to remain clear in the city during the day. However, the effect of fog can be seen in the morning. Due to this, the visibility in Lucknow will be around 600 meters at 7 am.

NCR will also be cold at night

Similarly, in other adjoining areas including NCR region Noida (Noida Weather) and Ghaziabad (Ghaziabad Weather News) people will also feel cold at night only. Due to no rain in the winter season, the cold is not increasing during the day. So far the temperature is running above normal. The maximum temperature in Noida and Ghaziabad remained between 27 and 28 degrees on Friday-Saturday. It was 3 degrees above normal. At the same time, the minimum temperature remained close to 8 degrees. This is one degree less than normal. According to IMD, the temperature is likely to remain the same going forward.

Weather is dry in eastern Uttar Pradesh as well

This time the weather in Purvanchal (Purvanchal Weather News) has remained dry even in the cold season. Actually, due to the lack of rain, continuous changes are being seen in the east and west winds. This is the reason why people are sometimes feeling cold and sometimes humid. Light clouds were seen in the sky on Saturday in Gorakhpur (Gorakhpur Weather News) and surrounding districts. However, it was sunny during the day. It is expected to remain sunny during the day on Sunday as well. In the districts of Purvanchal, the maximum temperature will remain at 26 degree Celsius and the minimum of 11 degrees Celsius.