Shocking Horror: Minor Tortured, Wood Fragments Found in Her Privates

Shocking Horror: Minor Tortured, Wood Fragments Found in Her Privates

Having suffered horrific injuries, an 11-year-old girl has been brought to the city's cantonment board hospital.

The physicians discovered bits of wood from her intimate areas in addition to the torture wounds on her body.

The mother who drove the little patient to the hospital says she adopted the child. Nevertheless, the authorities arrested her after she was unable to provide an adequate explanation for the girl's injuries.

When the accused lady phoned Dr. Sidharth Pandey, she reported that the 11-year-old had suffered minor injuries as a result of a struggle between siblings.

The physicians were astonished to learn the extent of the injuries when she brought the child to the hospital the next morning.

An X-ray of her body, including her intimate areas, showed several recent and ancient injuries, according to Dr. Pandey. After that, a female gynecologist examined her and discovered bits of wood in her intimate areas. The girl's hand was shattered in addition. We called the police and told them about the injuries."

The accused lady lives in an apartment in the city's Dhumanganj district, and her husband is a teacher there.

The kid has revealed that when her mother passed away and she was left by her father, the accused took her home. The lady claimed that she had adopted the girl from a shelter home in Kanpur.

Dr. Pandey said that the youngster also admitted to regular starvation and not receiving food for more than 14 days in a month.

Rajesh Maurya, SHO of the Dhumanganj police station, provided more information, stating that the accused lady has been taken into custody and is being questioned.

"We will take further steps based on the results of the investigation, "added said.

He stated that the wounded girl was being treated at the Cantonment Board Hospital.