The injection of unconsciousness became fatal, and the death of Bhadohi's Vinay is under question

The injection of unconsciousness became fatal, and the death of Bhadohi's Vinay is under question

Vinay's death at Bhadohi's Ishi Hospital has come under the scanner. The biggest question is whether the injection of unconsciousness has become fatal or the cause of death is something else. Vinay Tiwari's son Ramesh Tiwari, 24, a resident of Kanehari Bhagwanpur, died under suspicious circumstances at Ishi Hospital in Ram Raipur under Tehsil Bhadohi.

The relatives alleged that on November 29, 2022, around 1:00 pm, Vinay was admitted for a hernia operation. Vinay was administered anesthesia before the operation. Vinay Tiwari's father Ramesh Tiwari told that the operation was done after the injection and Vinay did not regain consciousness for several hours after the operation. However, when Vinay did not regain consciousness even after 5 to 7 hours, the doctors at Ishi Hospital got worried and asked Vinay to refer him elsewhere. However, the relatives alleged that Vinay had already died when he was taken out of the hospital. But the doctors dramatically referred Vinay elsewhere to avoid the charge.

Ramesh Tiwari, the father of the deceased Vinay, alleges that Vinay died due to an overdose of anesthesia. However, in the form of evidence, from the report conducted before Vinay Tiwari's treatment, it is known that Vinay had no disease other than a hernia that caused their death. Relatives allege that action should be taken against such deadly hospitals so that patients' lives are not played with.

Although according to the statement given by Bhadohi CMO Santosh Kumar Chak, Ishi Hospital is registered, it is a sad incident and a 3-member team is being constituted to investigate the matter. However, most of the nursing homes in the district are being run keeping the rules in check and the medical department of Bhadohi is deliberately in deep slumber and seems to be avoiding taking action against such hospitals. If the fault is proved in this case, then according to the rules, a case should be registered against the doctor of anesthesia for negligence.

However, it is a matter of discussion among the regional people including the relatives that nothing will happen in this case because the white collars are involved in a cover-up in the related matter and the surprising thing is that the public is well aware that in this case, after all, who is getting their political bread. Is baking The same hospital director Dr. Ganesh Chand Yadav seems to be avoiding giving any kind of statement in the related matter. However, the post-mortem report is yet to come in the related case. After the post-mortem report comes out, the situation will be clear as to what was the cause of death. But the big question arises that according to the rules in most of the hospitals in the district, experts should be present to give anesthesia before the operation. According to the information received, most of the hospitals have the name of an anesthesia expert written on their boards, but the expert is not present during the operation.