The Shraddha Walkar murder case has a 6629-page chargesheet filed by Delhi police

The Shraddha Walkar murder case has a 6629-page chargesheet filed by Delhi police

According to sources, the Delhi police presented the accused Aftab Poonawala with the chargesheet in the Shraddha Walkar murder case before a Delhi court on Tuesday.

The chargesheet was submitted to the court 75 days after the investigation got under way in November of last year, according to Delhi police, and it is made up of 6629 pages.

The chargesheet was taken into consideration by the court, according to the police, and Poonawala's judicial detention was prolonged till February 7. On February 7, according to the police, he will be physically presented before the court.

The accused Poonawala, who appeared before the Saket court via video conference, requested that the court provide him the chargesheet rather than his attorney since he is thinking about switching.

"Please give me the chargesheet, not my attorney. I do not want to provide the chargesheet to my attorney since I am thinking about hiring another one, he said.

Regarding this, the court ruled that Poonawala would get the chargesheet if another attorney showed up for him before the next hearing date.

Poonawala is accused of killing his live-in boyfriend Walkar and dismembering his corpse into 35 parts with a saw. The allegedly happened in May of last year. The body parts were allegedly stored in a refrigerator at his home in Mehrauli, South Delhi, before being dumped in a forest over a period of days, according to the police.

In May 2022, Poonawala and Walkar, who were dating and originated from the Mumbai neighborhood of Vasai, relocated to Delhi. When a friend told Walkar's father that he hadn't heard from Walkar in about two months, the murder of the woman was discovered. Her father notified Mumbai police in October that he had been unable to reach Walkar. Police found the couple's leased room in south Delhi's Chhattarpur Pahadi thanks to an investigation by the Mumbai police.

The crucial turning point occurred when a DNA match revealed that the 27-year-old had been slain from 13 decomposing body fragments, largely chunks of bone, that had been recovered at Poonawala's request.

Poonawala was detained in November of the previous year. He is now being held in the Tihar prison in Delhi.