Those who drowned in the Ganges did not get a clue even after eight hours, real sisters wanted to become IAS

Those who drowned in the Ganges did not get a clue even after eight hours, real sisters wanted to become IAS

In the case of the drowning of six people including a maternal uncle, nephew, and niece in Araul of Bilhaur, the team of divers and SDRF conducted an eight-km operation in the Ganges. During the interrogation of the police, it has come to the fore that all the people along with Saurabh had left the house after the Havan in the shop, saying that the worship material should be immersed.

According to eyewitness Gauri, those people had left the house saying that the worship material should be immersed. There were ghats here by bike with maternal uncle Saurabh and cousin Abhay. The pier was rough. Mama Saurabh had first descended into the Ganges for the immersion of Havan material. Everyone moved forward holding each other's hands. Then suddenly Tanushka stepped forward, who was the first to sink into the depths. They went on drowning to save each other.

There were no security arrangements at the ghat

There are two ghats on the banks of the Ganges in Araul. The first is Ankin and the second is Kothi Ghat. Kothi Ghat is about six kilometers from Sandeep's house. Whereas at a distance of two kilometers from here there is a pucca Aakin Ghat. No one comes here to bathe because the Kothi Ghat is raw. There were no security arrangements for this. Although officials say that bamboo etc. were planted here in the month of Shravan, due to the rise in the water level of the Ganges, all the bamboos have been submerged.

Six motor boats installed between eight kilometers

There is a distance of about eight kilometers between Kothi Ghat in Araul and Nanmau Ghat. The flow of Ganga is also from Kothi towards Nanamau. Due to the strong current, the drowned people were feared to be washed away towards Nanamau. Due to this two private motor boats of SDRF, one of PAC, and three private motor boats of local divers were landed in the Ganges. The search started with six motor boats in the middle of eight kilometers. Even after the search operation that lasted for six hours, nothing could be found of the drowned people. At the same time, the police and PAC also put nets on Nanamau and towards Ankin Ghat.

Real sisters wanted to become IAS

Vinay, the cousin of former minister and MLA Neelima Katiyar, was a contract worker in the Municipal Corporation. He died four years ago due to illness. He is survived by his wife Ruchi, daughter Anushka and daughter Anshika. After the death of her husband, Ruchi was taking care of the family by teaching competitive examinations coaching in Kakadev. Ruchi told the District Magistrate that Anushka was a student of class nine and younger Anshika was a student of class seven in Mantora Public School, Bithoor Road. Both the daughters wanted to illuminate the name of the family by becoming IAS. She also worked day and night to fulfill the dreams of the daughters. If daughters are not found, then for whom will they live?

Relatives had stopped after leaving the train

Relatives who came from Farrukhabad and Kalyanpur in Baranda village were to return on Monday. The families of Farrukhabad were supposed to board a passenger train leaving Araul at 6:45 am, but missed the train. Due to which the children who came from Kalyanpur also stopped. According to relatives, the children had insisted on eating pizza late at night. At 12 o'clock at night, Mama opened the pizza shop in the area and fed pizza to everyone.

Ten lakh should be given to the victim's family

Rachan Singh, who was an MLA candidate from SP, had also reached Kothi Ghat. Where he has expressed condolences to his relatives as well as talked to the police and administrative officers present there and has demanded financial help of ten lakh rupees each to the families of the victims.

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